The Battle of the BROW PENCILS

The Battle of the BROW PENCILS

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Make-up Tip of the Month | January πŸ‘Œ

Hii my beauties πŸ’‹ Β !!

Today’s post will be make-up tip of the month!

This tip is kind of weird when I first got to know about it, but I’ve tested it ever since and it totally checks out. I got to know about this tip through Nikkia Joy on YouTube, she is really good!

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Make-up Tip of the Month | November πŸ‘Œ

Hii my beauties !!

Today will be a different post, I’ve thought of doing this every month from now on.

From now on, every month, I will share with you guys a make-up tip it can be a technique or even a product that has really been working out for me, it changed how I applied my make-up, and maybe it can help you too!

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Step-by-Step | Correcting the Under Eye Circles


Hii my beauties !!!

So, I’ve got a lot of questions from you guys on how to properly correct the dark circles under eye area. It’s quite simple, it just takes one extra step from your normal make-up application routine but you do need to find your correct shade.

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