How I wash my Makeup Brushes

How I wash my Makeup Brushes

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The RIGHT Brush for your Foundation

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Believe it or not, brushes does influence how your makeup goes on, how it performs and lasts. So knowing what is the right tool for the foundation formula you will be using, is very important. And today is all about how to choose that right tool.

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Basic Makeup Kit | Brushes

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Today’s post is all about brushes.

What I have learned from all these years of wearing makeup is that we don’t need many to achieve the perfect makeup look, and on today’s post I will share with you guys the absolute must makeup brushes for the face and eyes.

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Travel Essentials | Make-up Brushes

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Happy Tuesday guys!! Monday is thankfully gone!

Today will be the part two on travel essentials, it’s all about packing your make-up brushes. Packing make-up brushes can get hard as well. There are so many brushes we use, that it can get very bulky very soon.

The key here again is MULTI-TASKING items. You should always go for multi-tasking brushes, and if you have double ended brushes even better! I usually use the brushes that came in my naked palettes to apply concealer and cream contour.

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Make-Up Brushes 101 | Part 2

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Hope you guys are having a great weekend so far!

So today I’ll share the part 2 of the 101 on the makeup brushes.

It’s all about eyes and eyebrows.

Applying eyeshadow is not as simple as it looks, it takes many steps, colors, brushes and a lot of blending to create even the most basic eye look. So today I will share with you guys some of the brush types and in which application they should be used.

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