How I Pack my Travel Makeup

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Tips | Make-Up Removal 🙅

Hii my beauties !!

Today’s post is about ways to remove make-up.

It’s always hard to remove make-up at the end of the day, we all get lazy and are very tired from all the day’s work. I know, I get lazy too sometimes. But it’s very important to remove the make-up every single day before you go to sleep.

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Can GLITTER be harmful ? ✨✨


Hii my beauties !!

So, I’ve been reading a lot of contradictory things about glitter, if it can or not be used for cosmetic purposes, and I’ve decided to take things into my hands and investigate about the topic. And I found out some very interesting things, that I will be sharing with you guys today.


So, what is glitter?

Glitter is a group of  small, flat particles which reflects light at different angles,
causing the surface to sparkle or shimmer.

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Winter Skincare Tips

Hii my beauties 😀 !!!

How is your week going so far? Hope it’s going great!

I live in Mozambique, here in the south hemisphere is winter season right now. And with winter there is the usual change of the skin care routine. But while adjusting to the new weather there are some things that we should keep in mind in order to make the transition easier for our skin.

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Buying fake make-up


Hiii my beauties !!!

So today I will share with you guys my thoughts on buying fake make-up … PLEASE DON’T !!!

First of all you should never buy anything fake, and specially cosmetics and beauty products. And this is not just because it harms the company’s revenue and image but also because it may harm you. Beauty products go straight into your skin, and if it contains ingredients that are not suitable for your or even any skin type it can be bad for you.

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