Let’s Work Together


Hi there!

I’m Dicxita Visnudas, commonly known as Dii from Dii Blogs and I am a lifestyle blogger.

I love collaborating with small businesses to create magic!


 Here are a few things you should know before we collaborate:

  1. I am very adamant on good and constant communication, so we are both on the same page;
  2. Even though I post in English and Portuguese on my Instagram page, I only post in English on my blog;
  3. Right now, I am not available to be a brand ambassador;
  4. I have specific days of the week in which I unbox all the received items on, to not compromise my content;
  5. I will always let my followers know what kind of partnership I am working on.


 There are two types of partnerships that I am currently available for:

  1. Recurring Collaboration:

In this type of collaboration, I first test your products/services, if I like them and I can see myself using them in my everyday life, I will let you know so we can establish the terms of the collaboration.

  1. PR Unboxing:

In this type of collaboration, you send me your products for me to review, if I like it, I will post about it and give you and my supporters my thoughts on it, if I don’t like it, I will let you know and simply not post about it, because I don’t believe in spreading negativity, I would rather let you know why the product/service didn’t work for me, in order to help your brand grow and do better.



Firstly I would want to get to know you, your brand/business and its overall personality, mission and vision, target audience, what it stands for and where do you see yourself going. Just to be able to relate and tell if this is the right move for you (and me) or not.


Then we start planning and thinking what is the best move and type of partnership we can work on, just so we are true to your and my brand.


After all the BTS work is done, it’s my turn to do the creative work, share my thoughts and post about it!

Now that you know and understand how I work, you can contact me through diiblogs.business@gmail.com (or by filling the form below).

Let’s work together and create something amazing!

See you soon!