Hi my lovelies!!

Hope all of you are doing well.

Yes, you read it correctly today is all about working out, why I struggle to get myself to do it and how I overcome it.

To be honest I am not the type of person that enjoys working out, it’s really annoying to me, and every single day when I have to work out, I try to find a ‘reasonable’ excuse and talk myself out of it. Pleaseeeeee tell me that you can relate to this!

I write this post because I don’t want to keep doing this and I don’t like that I do this, I want to live a healthier and active life, and I want to help you guys that going through the same. 

Because I have always worked out here and there, when I am not working out and being active I can see a shift in my vibe, I get lazier and always lack energy and enthusiasm to do things, and I REALLY don’t want to keep feeling this way.


Because I regularly kept talking myself out of it, I tried to figure out why I was doing so. With anything in life, I have realized it’s very important to pause and think why you do things the way you do, and I did the same about my struggle with working out. 

After much thinking I realized that I keep doing this because of how I viewed working out. I always viewed working out as task, something to just check off my to do list and something to achieve that ‘perfect’ body, and that’s where the real problem was.

If you just see something as a task and don’t value and acknowledge its benefits, you will always find reasons to get out of it, to not do it or to simply delay/postpone it, especially if you don’t see immediate results. If you see (and feel) how positively it can impact your life, you will want to do it more often.

So, I am trying to change my overview on working out. I am now seeing working out as something to keep me energized and healthy and now it’s not about just doing it for the sake of it or just to get that amazing body, it’s a lifestyle change(plus I try to switch my workouts up so I don’t get bored and to make it more fun and interesting).


We all know all the obvious reasons to why working out is good for you, such as more blood and oxygen flow in your body, losing fat, and other physical changes but today I want to acknowledge its positive effects on our mental health.

I have notice 3 main things that working out has helped me with:

  1. Feeling better about myself: Every time that I get a workout in, it can be anything, a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or even just jogging/elliptical machine, I feel better about myself, I feel that I have accomplished something and immediately feel happy and proud of myself.
  2. Feeling less tired and more energized throughout the day: There is a reason to why it health professionals suggest working out regularly. Every time I work out, I feel super energized throughout the day, I don’t even feel the need to nap nor to have more coffees throughout the day, I feel amazing all day long; 
  3. I have more will power and discipline, this one makes me really happy because I have always been very good with discipline and getting myself to do things but ever since COVID and we started to stay home more often, I have struggled not just with working out but many other things that I used to do throughout the day. So, getting myself to do this one thing, has helped me to work on my will power and discipline, because if I can get myself to do this one thing, I am able to get myself do more things and I get more tasks accomplished throughout the day, it’s a ripple effect.

Working out is something that I, and many other possibly, have always underestimated and postponed, because let’s be honest, if you are not into it, it’s something super annoying to do. It’s super easy to get yourself out of working out BUT it is truly rewarding getting yourself to do it, the after effects on your body and mental health are just incomparable with anything else, trust me.

So long story short, let’s get those asses off the couch/bed and let’s get to working out! You don’t need to turn into a fitness freak from day to night, you can do it your way, baby steps until you get there, that is how I am doing now. Every day I do a little more, to get myself to where I want to be. Trust me, you’ll feel much better afterwards.

Do you work out? Do you struggle to get yourself to working out? Let’s chat about it below.


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