Hi my lovelies!

I know this is a different topic from what I usually write about, but I had to get this off my chest.

This week I was supposed to share a makeup look with you guys, even planned to ask you guys for suggestions of something that you would like for me to create, but I couldn’t get myself to do that.

There is a lot happening in the world right now, I feel that I would be very insensitive to just post a makeup look before addressing this.

Right now in the world, but specifically in Mozambique, COVID-19’s number of cases are sky rocketing, hospitals are filled over their capacity and front line workers are working to exhaustion and, there’s a phrase that has been used a lot which is ‘now it’s not just numbers it’s people that we know’ and yes, it’s people we know, it’s family, it’s friends and it hurts.

We’ve been told since the beginning to be careful and to avoid mingling with people as much as we can. I get it, we are tired of doing so, we want to be with our friends, we want to be with our family, I get it, I feel the same way. BUT WE CAN’T, we can’t be with friends right now, we can’t be with family right now because by not being with them is the best way we can protect and love them.

We always thought that this is something that wouldn’t happen to us, right? But it can. I never thought I would have to say or write about this but please:




Shopping can wait, hanging out with friends can wait, travelling can wait, everything can wait, but COVID doesn’t. One moment of weakness and everything can change.

We assume that we don’t have the virus, we assume that our friends and family don’t have it. We don’t know. We might have it. They might have it. I cannot say this enough, each and every person reacts to the virus differently, if someone doesn’t get sick by it doesn’t mean that you won’t. What is not too bad for you, can be deadly for someone else!

So please, do yourself, your loved ones and to our front-line workers a
favour and JUST STAY AT HOME.

I understand that people in countries such as Mozambique, which are developing countries, need to go out and work do earn their daily meals and now, more than ever, it’s important that we support these small businesses. So do check with them how you can support them and keep them safe at the same time, chances are they have an alternative method of working such as deliveries or pick-up time if not, you can work out a way to do so.

But for people that can work from home, do everything that is needed, from the comfort of their home, I request you to do so. That way we can protect whoever needs to work outside of their home and ourselves.

Honestly, it’s painful to see so many people get sick and in this state.

Let’s do the best we can to help each other out!

Also, Mozambicans hospitals are in desperate need of food, masks and among other things, a friend of mine in collecting all sorts of donation for this cause, if you are from Mozambique (or not) and you want to donate to the cause please contact him through +258 8749245828 and/or through WhatsApp +4407492482848, all sized donations are welcomed.

Thank you!

Hopefully next week I can get to my regular posts.

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