Influencer Mindfulness

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If you are on social media, chances are, you are already familiar with the concept of influencers, but because I like to define the terms that I will talk about, in the beginning of every post, here is my definition of an influencer:

INFLUENCER is someone with the ability to influence people

by promoting or recommending certain products,

lifestyle, ideals and other things,


Now that we are on the same board with the concept, let’s talk about how to be mindful about influencers and what is promoted by them.

Today I am talking about this because, an influencer doesn’t just create content, an influencer impacts people’s lives. Most people don’t understand the depth of this but being an influencer is a big responsibility, influencers are literally, for the lack of better words, influencing people into buying things and doing things that they like and consider to be ok, and they have a big impact on how we choose to do things in our day to day lives, from the clothes we wear, to the products we use, the car we drive and so much more.

In order to be more mindful of the content we consume and people we choose to follow, we should ask yourself:

1.Does this person have the same values as me?

When it comes to social media, if not careful, it is very easy to get carried away and be influenced by influencers and their lifestyles. So, before following someone it is very important to know if their values and ideals align with yours or not.

2. Is this person acting in my best interest? Or is just trying to sell products and services to make money off of me?

It’s easy to get caught in the magic of the influencer world, just like everyone else, influencers also love getting free things and they also need to make money in order to survive but it also falls into them to sell products that they actually believe in and use.

I’ve come across so many influencers that are only promoting products/services because they are getting free things in exchange or making some money off of it, and when you actually talk to them, they’ll let you know that they don’t even like what they are promoting.

It’s one thing to be introduced to a brand via PR gifts, I believe that you get to know many brands like that, sometimes you even end up finding your ride or die brands like that but another thing is to promote products/services that you do not believe in, that is not ok.

I’ve been in the similar situation, there was a point in which I wanted to work with brands so I could grow and be part of the community, but it made me very unhappy to work with brands that I was not comfortable with, and since last year I have stopped trying to please each and every brand, started to choose wisely who I talk about and promote. That is why you will rarely see me talking about any random brand, because I will not do it unless I truly connect with them and what they are offering.

3.Does this person’s values go with what they are promoting?

Coming back to values and ideals, you will see many influencers promoting products just for the sake of it. Many usually end up contradicting themselves that way. I’ve noticed a lot of this and that only shows that they are just selling themselves out just to get some free products or to make some money off of it.

4.Seeing this influencer’s profile, does this make you happy or sad?

Don’t give in into the ‘perfect’ influencer lifestyle, because everything is not as it looks to be.

If following that influencer makes you sad or give you any type of negative feeling (such as envy, self-consciousness, and other as such) just unfollow them, honestly it’s not worth it. I’ve unfollowed so many accounts because they made me feel really bad about myself, and if you feel that way, you should do the same.

Now, when it comes to purchasing what is being promoted, don’t buy what an influencer is promoting before asking yourself these 2 questions:

1.Do I REALLY need this?

Most of the times you do not need what is being promoted, you just get caught in the hype and end up buying the product/service that is being talked about, that is why it is important to ask yourself if the product/service will add any value into your life, if it won’t, you most definitely don’t need it.

2.Can I afford this?

If you still want this product but cannot afford it, DO NOT go in debt trying to look cool, instead, look for a cheaper alternative or wait till you can afford it.

My standpoint:

Now coming to me and my approach on this, blogging and posting content on Social Media is something I take very seriously, I choose very carefully what I post and talk about, I always ask myself if it aligns with my values and the message I want to get across.

That is why I have changed how I blog and what I post, like I said above, you will not see me promoting brands just for the sake of it, if you ever find me promoting something, it’s ALWAYS something that I truly believe in.

Just like me, all of us consume internet content, being more mindful about it can go a long way for us, especially for our mental health.

Do you do this before following an influencer and when your favourite influencer is promoting something?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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