Hi my beauties!!

Today we’re talking about POSITIVE BODY IMAGE.

Body Image is the perception you have of your body, i.e., it’s how you see and feel about yourself when you look at yourself in the mirror, pictures, etc.

Some, if not most, of us feel really bad with what we see in the mirror, we don’t like what we see and we want our body to look a certain way because everyone else’s body looks a ‘perfect’. That is what society and social media is doing to us, making us not feel good enough about ourselves, it did to me as well.

Growing up I’ve never had the flat tummy, slim thighs and other slim features that I always wanted, like all my friends had, my body was different than theirs and I was made sure to see those imperfections in my body, that made me feel self-conscious about mine, I always felt bad and sad because my body wasn’t ‘perfect’ like everyone else’s.

I’m guessing many felt that way as well, we were rarely (or never) told that our body was perfect as it was. We were told and taught that our body should look a certain way, otherwise it’s not beautiful.

As of recently I’ve realized there is no such thing as the perfect body. All bodies are beautiful and unique in their own way, there is no such thing as imperfections and our bodies are a part of who we are and we should accept that.

Plus, would you rather spend your life worrying about your weight or enjoying its joys and blessings? Right?

I am embracing my body as it is, with its curves, stretch marks and cellulite! I did some self-reflection and started to learn how to love my body as it is. And with today’s post I want to help you guys develop a positive body image for yourselves as well.

Why is it important to develop positive body image?

  1. With time, a negative body image can fuel the development of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and many others;
  2. A negative body image can drive yourself into having eating disorders in order to get that perfect body you want; and most importantly
  3. You should ALWAYS love and accept yourself as you are, you shouldn’t feel the need to be validated by others in order to feel good about yourself, because your body is more amazing than you think, it does vital things that sometimes we forget to appreciate.

Now let’s talk about how you can develop a positive body image in 2 and easy steps:

  1. Start by understanding your feelings, what makes you feel bad and good about yourself and your body. Getting to the root of the problem is the way to start feeling good about yourself. Once you do that, you’ll understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong about your body and there’s absolutely no need for you to compare yourself to others because YOUR SELF-WORTH DOES NOT DEPEND ON YOUR APPEARANCE; and 
  2. Start thinking positively. If you start seeing everything with a positive eye, you’ll start feeling better about yourself and your body and it will help you create positive self-esteem. Even if you get negative thoughts, go back to the first step (understand the thought) and then see it in the positive light.

This always works for me.

BUT having a body positivity doesn’t mean that you should stop taking care of your body, not at all, it just means that you should love your body for what it is and for how it looks. You should always embrace positive habits such as working out and eating healthy, because it’s not about getting in shape but about being healthier.

Are you ready to get on the journey of positive body image?

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