Hii my lovelies!

Today, let’s chat about something that I have been actively trying to do and so should you: PUTTING YOUR PHONE DOWN!

Everywhere you go, you’ll see people on their phone, texting and/or checking social media instead of looking around, interacting and having conversation with people around them, I myself am also guilty of that, sometimes I get too caught up in checking what’s happening around the world that I forget to notice what is happening around me.

In the last few weeks I have noticed that I have been checking social media way more than I should. I mean, social media is kind of what I do and I do need to be online for that, but that doesn’t mean I should ALWAYS be online and you shouldn’t either.

I know it’s fun and good to know what’s happening in the world, what our friends and favourite bloggers are doing, but if we do it all that time, that just takes time away from all the things that we can be accomplishing.


Like I said above, I found myself spending about 3h on social media, SOCIAL MEDIA ALONE. It’s crazy, right?!

I got addicted to constantly checking my phone, especially social media, I used to check it every 10 minutes and I started to get lazy and stopped doing things that I should be doing.

After some research I found out that the recommended time to spend on social media, per day, is 30min!!!! I am so far from that.

So now I am making an effort and am slowly reducing the time I am active on social media, currently I have a limit of 1.30h for social media, but my goal is to get to 1h per day.


There are innumerous reasons to why you should be putting your phone down and away, but these are the ones I considered most important:

  1. You’ll start feeling low, in energy and morale, because instead of facing your emotions you’re suppressing them with social media scroll time;
  2. You just won’t get things done, I didn’t either;
  3. You don’t interact with strangers as much and don’t get to know new people;
  4. You don’t know how to distract if not by scrolling through your phone; and
  5. You feel the need to be available 24/7, you feel uneasy not answering right away.

Can you relate with any of these? If you can, it’s time to put your phone away a bit more!


It’s pretty obvious that spending less time on the phone, and especially on social media, has its benefits, but here are some that I have noticed by doing it myself:

  1. You’ll get more things done, trust me, before I started doing this I would just lazy around and get absolutely nothing done, would feel lazy to cook or to work out or to do any other things, but now I just get things done and I am much more productive and energized because of it;
  2. You’ll dabble into old and/or new hobbies and interests. I couldn’t remember the last time I actually did things out of my routine. Now with all this spare time I actually feel like creating new and interesting recipes (as you see on my Insta Stories), reading and even meditating (something that I always wanted to get around to doing);
  3. You’ll start enjoying things around you even more and living in the moment. One thing I’ve always told everyone to do but didn’t do enough myself was living in the moment, but now I have been trying really hard to do that.


I’ll talk about social media because I used to spend most of my time on that and not on other apps, so I mostly limited my use of Social Media and my routine has been something like:

  1. I check social media, after my morning read (never before that);
  2. Then, if I have to post, later on I go online to do so and also interact with people in the community and answer to you guy’s comments, usually in the first 30 min of posting, then I put my phone down and go about doing my work;
  3. I only check social media again in the afternoon, after my work and lunch, just to see what’s going on and interact some more with you guys and my fellow bloggers, then I do other things like working out, cooking, some creative work, things of sort;
  4. And finally, at the end of my day, after dinner and completing my chores, I scroll through social media for about 30 min (or less) and that’s it, after that I go read a book (currently reading Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty) and don’t check social media for the rest of the night.

So that makes it 3-4 moments in a day reserved for social media, I have deliberately stopped scrolling through it before going sleep just so I don’t fall into the rabbit hole and compromise my sleep because of it (many of us have done it).

When it comes to posting stories, I usually accumulate stories and only post them when I go online, just to avoid going online and scrolling unnecessarily.

Now that you’ve noticed the problem, seen its benefits and possible solutions on how to go about it, how about we spend less time in the virtual world and more time in the real world?

Will you actively reduce your time on the phone? Let’s chat below.


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