Hii my lovelies!

It’s that time of the year again, time to round up my yearly beauty favourites!

This has been an atypical year for sure, and to be honest I have not tested nor used as many makeup products as I normally do.

I have been trying to embrace my natural skin and because of that I have just avoided wearing makeup all together. I have focused myself on taking care of my skin instead (my aesthetician will be really happy reading this bit, hi Rumaissa!), I did a skin treatment with Innova Skin (, which was a combination of Enzyme Therapy and Micro Needling sessions. I have now completed it and am just doing monthly maintenance sessions and I am seeing such a big difference in my skin!

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wear makeup, not at all, sometimes all I want is to wear makeup and look fierce, and from all the products I have used this year, these are my favourites:

Laneige – Lip Sleeping Mask

I’ve been posting about this product all year long, on my Instagram, and this is hands down my favourite lip nourishing product. I don’t only use it just as a sleeping lip mask, and that is why I call it lip nourishing product instead of lip mask. I use it twice a day, after I do my skincare routine, and it has kept my lips nourished and soft.

No foundations this year because I have changed my makeup routine, I have not been wearing foundations all together, just a concealer on the areas that I feel like need some coverage and that’s it, I am wearing my skin instead, hehehe.

The combination of Farsali – Skintune Blur, Primer Serum and Huda Beauty – Overachiever Concealer has been and is my magic potion this year. It makes my skin look airbrushed, no joke.

This skin primer does exactly what it says it does, it is nourishing and bluring and the concealer is super full coverage, long-lasting and doesn’t crease whatsoever, and both of them together is pure MAGIC, trust me!

My favourite brow combo is still same one, it’s Essence – Make me Brow and NYX – Micro Brow Pencil, probably because I didn’t test any new products but to be honest, I didn’t feel the need to switch them out, these are both inexpensive and really good, couldn’t recommend them enough.

L’Oreal – Paradise Extatic Mascara

I bought this mascara last year, but didn’t get around to testing it and when I finally tried it out this year, the only thing I could ask myself is why I didn’t do that earlier, this is by far the best mascara I have ever tried, both lengthening and volumizing, everything I look for in a mascara.

This year I have not used lipsticks as much but, I have used lip liners instead, because they are transfer proof and long lasting, and with the whole wearing mask thing this year, that’s exactly what we need, for that my go to one has been the MAC – Lip Pencil in Burgundy, I absolutely love MAC’s lipliners and this shade has been my go-to one.

And that wraps up my favourites for this year. Are any of my favourites yours? Let’s chat about it below.



The only products I know that are available here are the lip mask, primer and concealer, and you can find them at Makeupmania store, you can find them by clicking this link –


Laneige Lip Mask:

Farsali Primer:

Huda Beauty Concealer:

Brow Pencil:

Make me Brow:

L’Oreal Mascara:

MAC Lip Pencil:


Laneige Lip Mask:

Farsali Primer:

Huda Beauty Concealer:

Brow Pencil:

Make me Brow:

MAC Lip Pencil:

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