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Let’s chat about skincare.

–  DISCLOSURE: I am not a certified professional but I have done my research,
experienced the difference between both types of products and
(most importantly) have consulted a professional before writing this post.
And skincare products work best with a good and healthy diet and exercise. –

As I’ve told you guys in an Instagram Story, some time ago, I rarely experiment with skincare products because I only use Medical-Grade products and on today’s post I will explain why and what are the benefits of Medical-Grade products.

Let me start by asking you this: We all want amazing looking skin (that filtered look, right?) so why do we chicken out when it comes to getting the right products for it?

I see so many getting skincare products from makeup brands, from drugstores that are recommended by people that are NOT certified to do so.

I have always been asked on my skincare and used to recommend what worked for me. I mean it worked, even if it was for a short period of time, it did, so I (not knowing any better) recommended those products, but I saw that some of you didn’t get the same results with those same products that I got, which made me understand that every skin reacts differently to different products, I mean that’s pretty straight forward, right?

In my journey to better understand why some products stopped working after some time I approached a CERTIFIED skin specialist and ended up learning so much more about the world of skincare.

So, with this post, I want to help you guys understand better this whole Over The Counter VS Medical-Grade products debate.

First of all, let’s differentiate both type of product:

Over The Counter (OTC) products are the ones that you can (easily) get at any drugstore or even a regular store.

Medical-Grade (MG) products are the ones that can only be recommended and sold by certified professionals.

When buying OTC skincare products many forget that, because those products are made to ‘work’ for the majority, the concentration of good (active) ingredients, that actually help the skin, is relatively low, just so it doesn’t affect negatively on anyone, which also means that the chances of it acting positively on your skin are also low (almost nonexistent). By using these products one might think that it’s helping the skin, both internally and externally, but those products just sit on the surface and will do absolutely nothing for you in the long run, that’s why we feel the need to keep switching it up.

While Medical-Grade products are much stronger and are recommended for your specific skin needs, by certified professionals (can’t stress this enough), and these products show real results because of its high concentration of active ingredients and because they actually penetrate into the deepest layers of your skin.


Yes, they definitely seem expensive at a first glance but if you really want to compare it, you need to note that you’ll only need to apply a little amount of product (due to the concentration of its active ingredients) while with OTC products you need to apply so much product for it to do something, anything.

Another thing that makes it seem expensive is that with MG products you need to get the whole kit, on the first buy (because all the products are linked and one helps out the other) and with OTC you can buy one product at a time, but if you do buy a whole kit at one go it will cost about the same, if not more.

MG doesn’t invest in packaging because they want to invest in the right ingredients for your skin, whilst with OTC products you’re mostly paying for the packaging and branding, because if you see its ingredients list it’s mostly made with fillers such as oils, waxes, alcohol and many others like these.

So, if you see it in the medium/long haul, it’s cheaper and better to buy MG products, because, first of all, it works every single time, will last you a long time and it’s actually really good.

Choosing the right products

When it comes to buying skincare, for OTC products, you will first need to look at your skin and GUESS its needs and only then buy the products, you might even ignore your actual skin needs (that are not visible to the naked eye) because, let’s be honest, we have no clue about the intricacies and needs of our skin.

Whilst, when it comes to MG products, these are recommended by professionals that actually studied in this field and had a closer look at your skin so they know exactly what our skin needs are.

Trust me, I’ve used my fair share of OTC skincare products before switching to Medical-Grade ones, so I know the difference between both, I’ve seen it and I’ve felt the difference in my skin. I also know and understand why many hesitate on switching to MG products, because I myself also took some time to make the switch (due to the apparent high price of products and the whole having to consult a specialist thing) but when I did all I wondered is why I didn’t do that before.

I mean, we go for health advice to doctors, we go for fitness advice to trainers so why not go for skincare advice to real certified specialists?

I hope this post was enlightening and you got an idea of what’s the difference between both types of skincare products.

Which kind of products do you use?

Let’s chat in the comment section bellow.

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