Hii my beauties!

Today’s post is about something that I have been doing a lot this year, which is LIVING IN THE MOMENT, at least trying to.

I know it’s not possible for us to do this 100% of the time, sometimes we drift away from what we should be doing, and that is also ok, but it is important to keep ourselves in check and actually be present in the moment.

The older I get:

  • The more I feel the need to experience things privately;
  • The more I feel the need to enjoy every single moment of this life journey;
  • The more I feel the need to be present in the moment and not just share it on social media or anywhere else… 

And that for me is a big part of mindful living!

How does this happen?

We live a rushed life, I have, and sometimes still do, live that way as well, looking for the next thing or trying to attain the next goal, even though the rush it gives you it’s good, after some time we always end up regretting not enjoying that moment fully, at least I have.

Life comes in phases and moments, just like everyone else, I am also waiting for that happy ending/destination of mine, but in fact life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey, if we really take a moment and just see it that way.

So, what should you do?

Life is really short, you have no idea how short it is and how we end up taking this detail for granted, the moments will pass by without you even realizing it.

If you do feel like you want to live more in the moment, I recommend:

  1. Enjoying each and every step/phase/moment of your life, even the bad ones, because even those have lessons in them;
  2. Not rushing to the next moment, living the current one fully;
  3. Enjoying your life journey. Life is not about getting to the destination, there is no destination, life is about the journey and its lessons;
  4. Making most of your time. Life is so short, you cannot even begin to imagine how short and precious it is, and if you don’t take full advantage of it you will always regret not making most of the time.

And that, for me, is how we keep ourselves in check, to just live in the moment and be present.

Do you live in the moment? How do you keep yourself in check to do so? 

Let’s chat below about it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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