Hii my beauties!!

Today is my birthday and part of celebrating it, is dropping some wisdom that I gained over the years. Today I want to share with you guys the lessons I have learned in my 20’s (not that my 20’s are over, but I feel like these lessons are worth sharing), because sharing is caring, right?

So without further ado, let’s get into it!




1. It’s ok to make mistakes, as long as you learn and grow from it!

Making mistakes is part of growing up, we all make them, but deciding on what you do with the lessons is very important. From my experience, making mistakes is what helps you mature and mold into a wise human being. Today I can, gladly and proudly, say that I am the person who I am because the mistakes I have made in my past, of course I regret them, but because I cannot change them, I chose to learn from them, and so should you.

2. Every single time you thought that your world has ended, it was just the beginning of SOMETHING NEW!

Oh yes!! How many times have we been heartbroken and thought that was the end of the world? Countless times, right? But here we are, living and thriving. That’s what time does. Time is constantly changing, just like how good things don’t last forever, bad things also don’t. 

Sometimes, it takes destroying everything to build an AMAZING thing. Trust me when I say this, sometimes you have to go through the worst in life to get to the best things, and that makes it worthwhile.




3. What others think of you, doesn’t matter as long as you’re happy with yourself

Being part of a south Asian community is nearly impossible to not care what others think of you. You are constantly judged and scrutinized for every single thing you do. That’s just a fact.

Well, I on the other hand have always been free-spirited and always did whatever I wanted, sometimes (a lot of the times) people have dragged me down, even stopped me from doing things I loved, and when I realized that ‘pleasing’ these people was making me MISERABLE, I just stopped, I told my family that I don’t care and they shouldn’t either, these people don’t pay my bills, they don’t spend every single day with me, THEY DON’T KNOW ME.

So, I just turned that ‘caring about other people’ switch off and followed my heart, and honestly that has made happy and free.

So, trust me, people will ALWAYS talk about you, but then they will forget, but you will never forget the regret of not doing what made you happy.


4. It’s ok to be alone

I know, I know! No one wants to be alone. Sometimes it’s necessary to be alone to find yourself, to get to know yourself and to be aware of your own demons. Everyone has demons, but it’s very important to get to know them and fix them. Like Will and Jada Smith said, it’s important to find your own happiness in order to make others happy. This is the most important journey to go on. Travel by yourself, take yourself on dates, talk to yourself, write your feelings down, find ways to fix yourself, be comfortable with yourself and most importantly find what makes YOU happy.

5. You are not supposed to have everything figured out by your mid/end of 20s.

OH YES!! We are just starting our lives, learning important lessons, getting to know ourselves so how are we supposed to have everything figured out in our 20s? Right? IT IS TOTALLY ALRIGHT TO TAKE YOUR TIME. You’re still getting to know yourself so there is no point rushing into things, especially things that you feel like are just not you or for you, enjoy the journey and everything will come together WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.




Take one day at a time and just enjoy this unique and especial journey that you are in.Hope you enjoyed this post.

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