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Hii my beauties 💋  !!

So, about two months ago I’ve been invited by The Mani Pedi Spa to try out their services, I’ve tried their services before so it wasn’t all completely new for me, but this time things went differently, ever since I’ve tried it, I didn’t switch back, and, on this post, I will share why.


First of all, I’m a perfectionist, and especially when it comes to my nails, I need my nails to look prim and proper ALL THE TIME, because of that, I always go for gel polish (the one that lasts a really long time). I tried other brand polishes, which, to be honest, has left my nails weak, at The Mani Pedi Spa they use CND Shellac, which is known for being gentle on the nails, compared to other gel polishes. So I tried it and let me tell you that ever since I tried Shellac Polish, my nails have become stronger because, with this polish you don’t need to file the nails as much, so the removal process for Shellac is not as harsh on the nails, as it is for other brands that I have tried, so that is a MAJOR PLUS POINT for me.


Now their colour selection, OH MY GODDDD, they have soooo many colours to choose from, that if you haven’t pre-selected you colour, you will definitely be confused on which one to choose and they are all from the same brand, so the quality of polish is consistent throughout, which is a major yay. I absolutely hate when you like a polish formula and then you cannot find the colour that you want in that formula, that just breaks my heart. And here you won’t feel that way.


Now, beautiful colours and types of polishes don’t mean much if you don’t get a good service, right? A good quality service is just as important as good polishes, and from what I have seen and experienced thus far, is that the ladies over there treat you really well, they take care of you, they consider your preferences, and much more. One thing that really made me happy is that they don’t rush you out, as in, when they are working on you, they don’t rush the service to take the next person, they are very attentive, patient and friendly.



And if you don’t like how your nails turned out, they will make sure to do them just the way you like them, like I said, they are very considerate of your preferences.

I did my nails with a few girls, and my favourite is Jaqueline, one of the first times I did with her, I explained how I wanted my nails, like I said before, I am very specific about my nails, and she did accordingly and my nails turned out just how I like them, as you can see from the pictures.

Another thing that I like about Mani Pedi Spa is that they open on Sundays, most of the nail places don’t open on Sundays, and for us that work during the week and only have free time on the weekends to do our nails is a major win, so, the fact that they open on Sundays is another major plus for me (even though I always try to squeeze in a weekday appointment, just so I can sleep on the weekends).


Mani Pedi Spa also has a Hair side, which is called the Hair Spa, I am not going to be talking about their services on this post, I will dedicate another post to that, but I am  sharing this just in case any of you wanted to try their hair services out.

Well guys, these are my thoughts and what I experienced on The Mani Pedi Spa, I’ve really enjoyed and am still enjoying their services and I would definitely recommend, especially my lovely girl Jaqueline.

Have you been to The Mani Pedi Spa? How was your experience? Do let me know.

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