My thoughts on: Too Faced Unicorn Palette

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Hii my beauties 💋  !!

Today I will be reviewing Too Faced’s Life’s a Festival Eyeshadow Palette. It’s  veryyy pretty looking eyeshadow palette, but is it good? Let’s check it out.


  • Brand: Too Faced
  • Product Name: Life’s a Festival
  • Product: Eyeshadow Palette
  • Contents: 13 Eyeshadow pans
  • Finish:Duo-chrome, Matte and Shimmery
  • Ammount of Product:47 oz = 13.32gr
  • Packaging: Comes in an unit carton and the palette itself is made out of hard cardboard and the front is quishy fluffy plastic



As I always say, always buy from authorized resellers, such as Sephora, Debenhams and Cult Beauty (websites and stores I personally shop from and trust).

I bought mine through Cult Beauty’s website, for ₤35, but right now it’s not available on it. I also checked Too Faced’s website, it’s sold out there but the price listed is $37.80 on sale (orginal price $42).

I hope it isn’t discontinued, but I cannot find it anywhere online, not even on Sephora’s page.

Too Faced’s Website: (International Shipping)


  • Duo-chrome eye shadows offer shade-shifting colors;
  • One-swipe formula;
  • Extreme color pay-off;
  • Blends easily;
  • Infused with rose quartz for added love energy;
  • Richly pigmented shadows offer true, full-color payoff with a soft, velvety texture;
  • Infused with dreamy citrus festival scent.


  • Young & Free: Matte bright mid tone pink
  • Rainbow Life: Shimmerymedium toned pinky red
  • Sunset Dream: Metallic Orangy Copper
  • Fun in the Sun: Metallic Beigy Yellow
  • Fireflies: Metallic Forest Green
  • Funtasy: Matte Berry Purple
  • Dusk Teal Dawn: Metallic Sea Blue
  • Euphoric: Metallic Rose Gold
  • Desert Vibes: Warm mid tone brown
  • Beamin’: Metallic Whiteish Beige
  • Mystic Rain: Metallic Duo-Chrome Puple-Beige
  • Artist Pass: Metallic Duo-Chrome Brick Red-Blue
  • Unicorn Tears: Metallic Blueish-Purple with a transparent base






  • It’s a different and colourful eyeshadow palette;
  • They definitely blend out easily;
  • It has a soft/velvety texture;
  • It has an array of different colours in duo-chrome and shimmery finish;
  • Cruelty-free;
  • Shades are long lasting (with eyeshadow primer);
  • Very little to almost none fallout.


  • Most of the shades are shimmery/duo-chrome so it has little versatility;
  • The shadows are pigmented, but they are not one swipe and done, it takes at least two swipes to build up.





I really enjoy using this palette, but because the colourful shades are shimmery, it makes this palette less versatile, for what I look for in an eyeshadow palette. I would use it in conjunction with the BPerfect palette, and that would help me achieve the kind of looks that I create for my Instagram and blog posts.

But if I see it from a beginner’s stand point, specifically to use it when wearing Indian/ colourful clothes I would definitely recommend this palette, it has a transition shade and it’s full of shimmery colourful shades for the lid, and that’s kind of all a beginner needs.

As I always say, don’t just buy it to have it, only buy it if you really need it and if it will add some value into your looks, because it is quite an expensive palette.

I do recommend this palette IF you see yourself using it under the circumstances I mentioned above.

RATING: 3.5/5



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