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Hii my beauties 💋  !!

We must have heard about Too Faced’s HangoveRx line at some point or another, I mean, it’s quite famous for its use of coconut water for hydrating and refreshing purposes. Me, being the brown kid that I am (not a kid anymore though), always intrigued by the use of anything coconut related, so I thought why not give these two products a try.

‘Note that I am oily to combination skin, so very rarely
I am in a need of hydrating products!!’

For the days that my skin did actually need some hydration and refreshing, I used these products.



  • Brand:Too Faced
  • Product 1: 3-IN-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray
  • Product 2: Replenishing Face Primer
  • Packaging: Both products come in plastic packaging, one in a plastic spray bottle and the other in a plastic tube with a pump


Around here (Mozambique and South Africa) it’s quite hard to get our hands on anything Too Faced related, only if you buy online, but even then you have to use a shipping forwarding service. I buy my Too Faced products when I travel.

If you live in Europe, USA or anywhere else you can get yours at any Sephora store (if you have access to one) or by shopping on

The prices on Too Faced’s website are:

3-IN-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray:

  • Full size: $32
  • Travel size: $15

Replenishing Face Primer:

  • Full size: $34
  • Travel size: $16


Replenishing Face Primer:

  • Hydrates and boosts skin’s radiance;
  • Promotes skin’s elasticity;
  • Soothes and smooths the skin;
  • Infused with hydrating coconut water.

3-IN-1 Replenishing Primer & Setting Spray:

  • Hydrates and brightens skin;
  • Perfect for all-day use and mid-day refresher;
  • Soothes and smooths skin;
  • Can be used as a primer, setting spray, and refresher;
  • 100%* said makeup went on smoother, looked flawless, didn’t transfer, and felt hydrated

*Both products’ claims on Too Faced’s website




  • Both products give the skin that extra boost of hydration and glow;
  • Beautiful and yummy scent;
  • Makeup applies smoothly on top of it;
  • It’s a beauty and a skincare product, it’s a two in one deal (I love using makeup products with skincare properties);
  • Even on the travel sized products, you get a good deal.


  • Every time my skin was on the only side, it ended up looking greasy few hours in with the use of these products;
  • Didn’t see a lot of difference on my makeup’s longevity.



I like using these products only on the days that my skin is on the drier side, because those days when my skin is slightly oily, it gets too greasy too quickly. So, I only recommend this range for normal to dry skin. It’s not for oily skinned people. But the scent though … YUMMYY …



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