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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

I noticed that didn’t share what I have been using and loving for a while, so I thought of updating you guys on my favorites over these last few months. Let’s get into it.

I have started to dive more into skincare and actually make an effort to take care of my skin, not just on my face but my body’s as well.

The Body Shop Body Butter is a must for my night-time skincare routine. Before I go to sleep I love putting it on my feet, legs and arms (especially on my elbows), and really massaging it in. This makes my skin baby soft not just after the application but in the morning after as well. I have recently tried this lemon flavor and I really enjoy it, but my all-time fav is definitely the strawberry one.


Sorbet Face Masks are the best ones for when needed that extra boost of hydration. The ones I love are for cleansing, hydrating and smoothing purposes. I like to apply them whenever I fail to do my weekly face mask, it’s quick and easy fix.


When I bought this brush (Sorbet Cleansing brush) I had noo idea I would fall in love with it the way I have. I bought it with the intent of only using it for deep cleaning, but I’ve started using it every time I do my nighttime skincare and my skin has been softer by the day, and I lovee it! I will do a full review on it and will share my thoughts on it with you guys.


Other than skincare goodies, I’ve been loving lippies.

NYX Soft Metallic Lip Cream in Budapest, I have always loved the soft matte lip cream formula (that’s why I have a lot of shades on this formula) but this one in specific has been my go to for everyday/work, I love how it gives a bold statement. I am a sucker for red lippies, but I have always felt a bit conscious on rocking it on the daytime, but somehow this shade is perfect for it and that’s why I have been lovinggg it so much.


A lip combo that I have seen Kim (Kardashian) rock is a brown liner and nude lip, and I love the look of it! I wanted to achieve this look but without buying any additional products, so I looked and played with the lippies in my collection and finally got to the perfect concoction, which is Fenty Beauty Gloss + Palladio Lip liner in Coffee + Kylie liner in Dirty Peach. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


And of course the Anastacia Beverly Hills Lipsticks in Dead Roses and Kiss. For my supporters that see my lippie of the day post (on Insta Stories) must have seen this one pop up a lot! I love the formula of these lipsticks, they are matte without sucking the life out of my lips. Two thumbs up for this formula. I will definitely be purchasing more shades in this formula.


So, these are the beauty products that I have been loving thus far. Have you tried any of these products? If you did, do let me know your thoughts on it.

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4 thoughts on “Current Beauty Favorites

  1. I love The Body Shop Body Butters! I haven’t tried the lemon one yet, but I have tried the strawberry one, and I agree, it’s so good! And it smells amazing! Also the NYX Soft Metallic Lip Cream in Budapest looks gorgeous! I definitely want to put that one on my shopping list for the future.

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