How I transformed a makeup look

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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

How many times have we thought of turning one eye look into something different? Right? I know I have, many times.



So, the day I created this blue and purple makeup look (click HERE to watch the tutorial on this look) I decided to see if it is actually possible to do that and how would it turn out?

Fortunately it turned our really well and I loved the end result, so let’s get into how I did it!




To do this you will only need one eyeshadow color and two eye brushes, one for packing on the color and the other for blending the edges so it looks smoked out. I used a black eyeshadow because I wanted to go for a smokey eye.

But ….. ATTENTION ATTENTION!!! Because I had a full face of makeup and I was going to use a black eyeshadow (that would of course have fall out) I put some loose setting powder in the under eyes so it could catch it and not spoil my base makeup (all details on this trick explained HERE).

Once I did that, I applied the black shadow with the packing brush, then with the blending one I blended out the edges (it required quite a lot of blending). When the eyeshadow looked the way I wanted it to, I just brushed off the setting powder, applied some Fix+ and voilá!




Quite easy, right?

I wouldn’t call this transformation a day to night transformation because honestly I don’t think anyone would wear this look during the day, but it would be good for going from one event into another.

Would you try doing this? If you do, to tag me on your pictures, on Instagram @dii_blogs.

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8 thoughts on “How I transformed a makeup look

  1. I do this almost anytime I go out at night these days lol, Such an easy way to make it look like you did a lot of work for a night out. I usually freshen up blush and highlights,spray my face and then head out the door.
    Love this post

    Liked by 1 person

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