Too Faced Melted VS Too Faced Melted Matte: Formula Comparison


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On today’s post I will be comparing the formulas of the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks, we know that both of them are really different, but I will be covering on how much different they actually are.

Too Faced’s liquid lipsticks have been really hyped up, and I was always intrigued on why so much hype, the packaging is the cutest, Too Faced never disappoints on the packaging, but besides that, what is it?

So let’s into it!



The melted comes in a plastic squeeze tube with an angled sponge applicator, and the melted matte comes in a clear plastic bottle with a small doe foot applicator. Both of the applicators are really good but the melted one is a bit messier than the matte one.

Both of them cost the same, $21 on Sephora’s website.


Both of these lipsticks come in a liquid form, hence the name melted lipstick.

The melted one is a just a regular melted lipstick, a bit sheer and with a glossy finish, so it’s definitely not long wearing nor transfer-proof plus it’s a bit streaky, but it’s a really good formula for every day wear, because it doesn’t dry the lips out.

On the other hand, the melted matte one is completely opaque, transfer-proof, long wearing with a matte finish without completely drying the lips out, I really enjoy this formula of liquid lipstick, I wouldn’t even mind wearing this liquid lipstick every day, and it’s definitely on my top 5 formulas.



I enjoy wearing these two formulas for different purposes, for me it’s not one or the other but actually both of them. I like wearing the matte one for the days that I need my lipstick to stay put longer without having to touch them up, and the melted one for those days that I don’t mind touching up my lipstick now and then.

And these are my thoughts on these liquid lipsticks. Have you tried them out? What is your thought on them? Do let me know in the comment section below.


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