How to get a Flawless Base


Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Ever since I started applying makeup all I wanted was a flawless, non-powdery and skin like base, which lasts long, and I think this is what all of us look for. Achieving that level of makeup application is a dream that all of us share.

And what if I say that dream can come true?

Yes, you are right. I can help you have that amazing and flawless base that will last for a really long time, and there is just one step that you will need to add to your makeup routine do get there.

So let’s get into it!

Ever since I discovered the miracle mist (MAC Fix+, of course) I could not stop but think in how many ways I can incorporate this mist for a better and longwearing base. I’ve tried using it as a setting mist, pre primer and it worked quite well.

But one day, I thought, what if I applied this mist once I’ve done my base (primer, foundation, concealer and powder), I mean what could it do? And I was pleasantly surprised with the result. Once the mist completely dried out, I applied the bronzer, contour, blush and highlighter, and it blended beautifully to the skin, it kind of gave the my skin but better look.

Ok, so the base looks flawless, what about the longevity, right?

Well, doing this actually helped my makeup stay on longer and it looked almost the same as when I applied (note that my skin is oily, so this is a big achievement!!).

So, you can imagine how happy I was with this, and to my surprise, few days after I watched Kaushal Beauty’s video in which she was talking about the same exact technique and she even said that it works with makeup setting sprays as well. I was ecstatic.

So, the bottom line is, you don’t just need the MAC Fix+ to get it, you can even use any makeup setting spray and you will get a flawless and log wearing base.


This makeup trick definitely amped up my makeup game, and I hope it does yours too.

Have you ever tried this trick? Do let me know if you did or if you are looking into trying it out!

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14 thoughts on “How to get a Flawless Base

      1. I did, and it worked out great! That reminded me of the fact that I also once saw a video from Wayne Goss talking about setting every step. He sprayed the beauty blender with setting spray with each step to blend out his make up. I also sometimes do this for big events. It might be something you’d like to try out! Though I do think your technique is faster for on the daily basis! xoxo Sarah

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