Review on the Huda Beauty 3D Highlighting Palette in Golden Sands

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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Huda Kattan the founder of Huda Beauty has some amazing makeup products under her belt, and on today’s post I will be sharing my thoughts on the 3D Highlighter Palette in Golden Sands. Have you tried it? I have tested it for quite a while, and now I am ready to share my thoughts on it.


  • Brand:Huda Beauty
  • Shade/ Reference: Golden Sands
  • Range: Huda Beauty has 4 different highlighting palettes, including this one
  • Content:1 oz (31.5 g) of product in four pans of highlighters, one cream and three pressed powders
  • Finish:Pearlescent
  • Packaging:(Good quality) cardboard


You can buy it for $45 on the Huda Beauty’s website and on Sephora’s website and selected stores. I got mine ate Harrods (London, UK) for about 30 something pounds. Huda’s products are always a bit highly priced, and this palette is no exception.



‘ The ultimate Insta-Glow is now in everyone’s grasp. Inspired by Huda’s hack of layering oil with powder highlight to amplify her glow, this palette is packed with 2 different textures:

– the Melted Strobe, a pearlescent creamy formula enriched with Karite Butter to create a flawless lit-from-within canvas for layering powders.

– 3 light catching pressed pearls staggered in complimentary tones to give you a sculptural, 3D radiance. ‘

‘With its effortless blendability and layering power, you can build and sculpt your highlight to a desired level of luminosity from subtle natural radiance to an all over goddess like glow.’

‘The Gold Sands palette was created for Medium to Dark skin tones and Golden undertones, inspired the Tropical flair of Exotic islands’


  • Fiji: Creamy true gold;
  • Seychelles: Warm and light gold;
  • Tahiti: True bronze; and
  • Zanzibar: Pink with golden shimmers.




  • Many highlighting shade options;
  • Beginner friendly, because it requires layering;
  • Good quality product;
  • Definitely lives up to the claims;
  • The highlighters are quite long-wearing.


  • It definitely requires layering, this highlighter palette doesn’t give that instant glow.
  • No mirror;
  • You need to scrape the product in order to get proper pay-off;
  • The cream highlighter is a bit thick consistency wise;
  • A bit glittery.


Wrapping up my thoughts on this, I do enjoy using this highlighting palette but for one shade only, which is Seychelles. Because I don’t like using glowy bronzers nor blushes, I don’t think purchasing this palette was worth it, these products are definitely good quality, no denying that, but just using for one shade is definitely not worth it. If you think you are going to use 3 out of 4 shades, then it’s definitely worth it.



Hope you found this review helpful.

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10 thoughts on “Review on the Huda Beauty 3D Highlighting Palette in Golden Sands

  1. I just did a ranty post about her brand and why I don’t find myself drawn to it and now have started to look up reviews of her products, and TBH I’m not finding a lot of good ones. Each product seems to have a few pros, but people are generally not loving it (the non big influencer bloggers… you know the ones who aren’t drinking the Kool aid)

    Thanks so much for this review!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I haven’t seen much on this palette! Thank you for sharing your honest thoughts. I hate it when products require you to scratch off the surface layer to actually get some pigmentation. Do you have a highlighter you’ve been currently loving?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, same. I feel like there aren’t many reviews on this, and most of the ones that are out there don’t feel the same way as me. I am loving the MAC Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Oh Darling!, it’s beautiful. Thank you xx

      Liked by 1 person

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