How I Store my Makeup

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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Makeup storage is a big issue for many people, how to do it, what is the recommended way to store makeup, and so on, and on today’s post I will be explaining how I store my makeup and why I store this way.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that makeup should not be stored in direct sunlight nor in warm places, it makes it go bad faster, if you take that into consideration you can organize in any way you like.

Now I will share how I do it, starting by MAKEUP BRUSHES:

I store my makeup brushes in (glass) ice buckets on my vanity table, so I can easily see the brushes. I did separate in two buckets one is for the face and the other for eye brushes. One thing you should take care of when you leave it open like this is that it might collect some dust over time, just make sure you wipe it off or just clean it with some spot cleaner so you don’t get any skin irritation from it.



By lip products I mean lipsticks, liquid to matte lipsticks, lip glosses and lip liners, I like to store them in a place where I can easily see them, so every day before leaving the house, I can easily choose one and go. But I do make sure it’s out of direct sunlight, just so they don’t melt. So, as you can see from them pictures below, I store them in lipstick holders, and I store the MAC ones upside down so I can see the names of them.

And I like to store lip liners in a brush holder, just so I can see all of them at once.



The rest of my makeup is stored in drawers inside my cupboard, which is also out of direct sunlight and in a slightly cooler place, and I sort them by category (lashes, eyeshadows, eye products …), which makes it easier to choose. I have two sets of four drawers, one set is for face makeup other set is for eye makeup.



And this is how I store my makeup, I hope this post was helpful to you guys!

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12 thoughts on “How I Store my Makeup

  1. I have a tall cabinet that I store everything in, so that it’s cool and out of the light, but I desperately need to buy drawers and such to organize better. I kind of have everything shoved in there and can’t find what I need half the time. Nice post!

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