Sleek Highlighter in Cleopatra’s Kiss | Review

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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Sleek highlighter, many of us in the beauty community went crazy over these highlighters since the queen (of makeup) Jaclyn Hill mentioned how bomb these are. And because I did get a chance to purchase this baby I wanted to share my thoughts on it too.

So let’s get into the review!


  • Brand:Sleek Makeup
  • Shade: Cleopatra’s Kiss
  • Content:4 highlighters, in which two are creams and two are baked powders and a small brush
  • Amount of product: 9g/0.32oz
  • Finish:Includes and
  • Packaging:The palette is made out of plastic.


I got mine in (Lisbon) Sephora, I know for sure that you can get in drugstores such as Boots and Superdrug (UK), or if you cannot find it in your drugstore you can always purchase it online. And this palette goes for €12.49.



Sleek Makeup claims that this palette is:

‘This versatile palette instantly enhances the complexion with a golden glow, the intense metallic finishes create a gorgeous luminous sheen on the skin.’ And ‘This versatile face and body highlighting palette suits all skin tones.’.


As I mentioned before, the palette has four highlighters, two powders and two creams, and the shades are (T-B and L-R):

  • Sphinx: It’s a powder copper-gold
  • Delta: It’s a cream copper
  • Dynasty: It’s a cream pale gold
  • Goddess: It’s a powder champagne gold




  • If is very pigmented;
  • Very easy to apply;
  • Because it is a drugstore palette, it is inexpensive;
  • It does in fact leave a metallic finish;
  • For a drugstore palette it can definitely compete with some of the higher end palettes;
  • And the gold tones in the palette compliment my skin tone and would probably compliment any medium skin tone.


  • It is a bit glittery;
  • The powder does have a lot of fallout and kickback;
  • The powder sticks onto the cream shades;
  • Its main ingredient is Mica and it has Parabens.


I do enjoy using this palette, even thought is glittery and has a lot of fallout, the finish that it gives is really beautiful and it’s really easy to apply. I do not use cream products that often so I don’t think I will get that much use out of cream shades, but the powder ones are good.


RATING: 3.5/5

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8 thoughts on “Sleek Highlighter in Cleopatra’s Kiss | Review

  1. Looks so pretty! I got the solstice palette because of all those youtubers raving about it but it was just too light for my tan skin. I think this one would flatter me way better, so thanks for sharing!

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