Review | Juvia’s Place Saharan Eyeshadow Palette


Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Juvia’s Place is a beauty company that has been gaining a lot of hype lately, and on today’s post I will be sharing my thoughts on the Saharan eyeshadow palette.

So let’s get into it!

BASIC DETAILSBrand: Juvia’s Place

  • Content: 12 shades
  • Finishes: Matte and Shimmer
  • Packaging: Cardboard Packaging


You can only buy it online on their website for 30$, or with their authorized resellers. In Mozambique, Maputo, you can buy it at Rapha Lapha Store, this store is where I bought this palette from.



‘The Saharan Palette was inspired by the vivancy and vivaciousness of the Fulani culture. Saharan Palette has 12 beautifully coordinated colors with a combination of 4 matte colors for transitioning, shimmering and satin finish.’

‘Inspired by the vibrant Fulani culture, The Saharan Palette combines a mix of 12 matte and shimmer shadows. Packed with intense colour pigments, a little goes a long way with these high-impact and long-lasting powders.’



  • Sokoto – Matte bright red toned orange.
  • Wodaabe – Shimmering green gold.
  • Bororo – Shimmering deep red.
  • Kia – Shimmering green.
  • Zoya – Shimmering bronze peach.
  • Iman – Shimmering white.
  • Jamila – Dark matte orange.
  • Senegal – Shimmering gold.
  • Chad – Mate black.
  • Katsina – Matte tan
  • Lulu – Shimmering peach.
  • Fula – Deep shimmering rose.




  • Definitely very pigmented;
  • They last a very long time (specially with eyeshadow primer);
  • Because it’s highly pigmented the apply beautifully in every skin tone;
  • These shades are super easy to blend;
  • They feel soft to the touch;
  • And the best part is that it’s cruelty-free.


  • They have quite a lot of fall-out, so I recommend doing your eyes first;
  • In places like Mozambique it’s quite hard to get, unless you get a reseller.




I did love this eyeshadow palette it has a great range of warm neutral tones, and a pop of color (which looks beautiful on the lid).



I hope you enjoyed this review, if you would like any other info feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Would you get this palette? Let me know on the comment section below.

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16 thoughts on “Review | Juvia’s Place Saharan Eyeshadow Palette

  1. The shades seems very vibrant, but not really my cup of tea… I did notice they had other nice pallets. I’ll check whether they ship internationally… Thanks for reviewing! xoxo Sarah

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