Makeup Mistakes to AVOID


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Today’s post is all about the mistakes to avoid when applying makeup.

We all make mistakes while applying makeup, even I do, but they can be avoided for a better makeup application and look.

Some of them you might have heard of, some you don’t take seriously enough. So, these are my top five major NO NO’s to avoid:

  1. Not cleaning makeup brushes often enough. You might have heard about this one countless times but this not just bad for your skin but also for your makeup application, and let me explain why! Dirty makeup brushes have lots of bacteria, and that bacteria can cause you breakouts and/or skin irritation, that’s why I recommend washing your brushes at least once a week. And because it’s dirty, with previous makeup products, it will not just deposit those ‘leftovers’ on the next product that you will apply (and probably start ruining it) but will also give you a cocktail of products on your face, and you will not get the desired look.


  1. Applying makeup in the wrong lighting. If I am being really honest here, there is nothing worse than this and this can go really bad really soon. You should always apply your makeup in the similar lighting to where you will be going, for example if you are going to an outdoor event and apply your makeup in a dark place (or vice-versa), things such as lack of blending, super dark/light brows, intense/almost none blush/bronzer, etc. will be super noticeable. So, you should apply makeup in a properly lit room.
  1. Doing a full look with shimmery shades only. Using shimmery makeup products will not only emphasize small lines and wrinkles but it will also make you look older than you are. I recommend using matte products and only using a highlighter to give your face some glow. It looks better and youthful.
  1. Mixing powders and creams/liquids. This is the most common mistake. Applying liquid/cream products after you powdered your face can ruin your makeup (there are some makeup products that apply well over powder, but most of them won’t). It will make your makeup look patchier. So, avoid doing this as much as you can.


  1. Wearing waterproof mascara every day. As much as wearing waterproof mascara every single day sounds like a good plan, it isn’t. Waterproof formula is really drying (for obvious reasons), so you shouldn’t apply this every single day, because it will dry your lashes out, and because it is so hard to remove, it may cost you some lashes too. So only use it when it’s really necessary.


And these are my top five makeup mistakes to avoid. Do you make any of these? Do let me know on the comment section below.

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18 thoughts on “Makeup Mistakes to AVOID

  1. I can totally get all this stuff. I have made each and every one of this mistake and rectified most of them! I didn’t know about the mascara though. Thanks about that!

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