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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Many of you that follow me on Snapchat and Instagram must have seen the sneak peeks of this collaboration already! And I am very excited to share this with you guys.

So, yes, today’s post is a collaboration with one of my favorite makeup stores here in Maputo (Mozambique). This store is a true makeup heaven (especially because it’s PINK), as you can see from the pictures below.


Because I like this store so much, I wanted for you guys to get to know it as well. And for that I interviewed Afrida (the owner of this store), and this is what I asked:

From what I believe you are one of the firsts if not the first makeup store here in Maputo selling authentic makeup, when did you establish the store?

I established the store 3 years ago.

What made you start this business? And why this name?

I started this business due to the need to purchase makeup! Every time I needed something, I had to travel to get it. So I thought – why not resell everything? After all, I knew the struggle that the growing makeup community faced here in Mozambique.

 I chose the name Makeupmania because “mania” means an excessive enthusiasm or desire; an obsession, therefore my obsession with Makeup!



I know you have some amazing brands that no one else brings here. What are all the brands that you carry? Will you expand the brands?

We have two ranges of brands – the more affordable ones, and the high-end ones, and they’re Maybeline, Revlon, Black Up, Kylie Cosmetics, Urban Decay, HUDA Beauty, Jefree Star, NARS, Sephora, Uriage & Elizabeth Arden.

I am expecting to bring even more brands, for example Benefit Cosmetics, NYX, Farsali and Fenty Beauty.


How do you choose the makeup brands?

I choose the makeup brands I resell based on what’s trending or in vogue so that my clients can get exactly what they require.


Your future plans for the store.

My future plans are to expand my store and become the very best makeup store in Mozambique! I want Mozambican people to explore the world of makeup and learn how to do it well.


What do you think about the current makeup community in Mozambique?

The makeup community in Mozambique has grown really fast in the past 2 years, and I think it will grow even more. A lot of people are getting more connected to makeup. That’s why I’m here – to be their best supplier!



And of course, I got to know a bit more about the person behind this business.

Who is Afrida?

Afrida is a 22-yr old woman with a strong mind, big dreams and lots of passion for makeup!


You sound like a makeup lover, what is your favorite makeup category?

Yes, I am really addicted to makeup – it’s quite hard for me to choose a favorite category. I guess I could say that eyebrows and highlights are my favorite!


Which brand do you like the best?

HUDA Beauty is definitely my favorite.



I always had an amazing experience and in this makeup heaven and I think you will have too.

AND … Afrida, very generously, gave me a COUPON CODE to share it with you guys *SCREAMS*!!!!

When you go to the store, at checkout, you can just give her the code DIIBLOGS (or you can screenshot the picture below and show her at the shop) and it will give you 10% OFF THE ENTIRE PURCHASE, which is an amazing deal!!!

Suit up!

This code is valid for TWO WEEKS STARTING TODAY (FROM 20.10.2017 UNTILL 02.11.2017), so make sure you stop whilst the coupon code lasts!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed making it!

And a very big thank you to Afrida and Makeupmania team for this collab!!

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Location of the store:

Makeupmania, 1st floor, Interfranca, Av. 24 de Julho, Maputo, Mozambique


Makeupmania Socials:

  • Facebook –
  • Instagram –

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