Mini or Full-Sized [Makeup Products]?

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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Lately I have been into buying mini (also known as sample size, travel size, deluxe size, etc.) makeup items, especially for the higher-end to luxury makeup items, and today I will share with you guys why I have been doing so.

First of all, let’s talk about money!


Let’s do the math with an exact example: the Benefit’s Galifornia blush.

  • The mini size is $15 and has 2.5 gr of product, and the price per gram is $6.
  • Full size is $29 and has 5 gr of product, and the price per gram is $5.8.

If you do the math, buying the full size is $1 cheaper than buying the mini size that means in the full size a gram of product is $0.2 cheaper.

So, price wise, buying the full size of product is cheaper (if you compare price per gram), but not by that much.

BUT, there are two aspects that you should consider when choosing between a mini and a full-sized product.

First of all, is that is this your everyday wear product? If yes, you should definitely go for the full-size, because you will certainly get the right use out of it.

Or, you like to try out and just rotate your products? If you like to rotate your products and you don’t actually finish each and every item in your collection you should definitely consider buying the mini sized ones. Even though it’s a tad bit more expensive, you actually don’t waste money in a full size product that you don’t end up finishing.



First of all, they are ridiculously cute, I mean, can you just look at these baby product and ignore it? I don’t think so!

Second of all, there are some products that you can you can totally have in the deluxe sizes and last you forever. I, personally, don’t use up my blushes and cream highlighters in the full size, so I take the mine/deluxe route. Plus it’s easier to use the product by the expire date.

Another reason is to actually try out the product without committing to the full size. When I want to try out a product and I am not sure if I will like it or not, I like to buy these deluxe sized ones. Because if I do like it (and manage to finish it) I can buy the full size and not regret it. Plus, if I don’t like it I won’t feel as bad because I didn’t waste a lot of money on it.

It’s also a really good way to test out skincare, if the product doesn’t suit your skin, you won’t feel bad for buying the full size product and not using it.



It’s a good way to rotate products. From the price of one full size product you can get a few mini sized ones and test them all out and keep up to date with all the new products in the market.

And of course they are easy to carry and travel friendly!

And these are the reasons why I choose to buy minis and why you should consider them as well.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helful.

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