How to Look Stylish Instantly


Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Anddd … it’s Fashion Friday again!

On today’s post I will be sharing few tips that will help you take your outfit to the next level and help you look stylish instantly.

There are few things that you can you can do, to your everyday outfits, that can help you look as stylish as the fashion bloggers. I mean, who doesn’t want to look stylish, right?

Let’s check out how!

One of the things you can do is roll up your sleeves, it not only gives a totally different appearance to your shirt/blouse but it also makes you look chic. It looks best when it’s rolled up a bit below elbows or bit above the elbows.

Cuffing the jeans, it is great when you want a more relaxed look. It gives an appearance of a longer and leaner line. There are two types of cuffs, an undone one that works best for slightly wider jeans such as boyfriend jeans and the clean cuff that works well for boot cut jeans.


Another trick is tying a knot on your top can. This trick is really trending right now and it gives your top a more fitted look. It will not only look cool, but also chic and cute. I personally love this trend.

And lastly the half tuck. This is another trend that you can see everyone doing out there. I like to do the half tuck with shirts and wide t-shirts, this trend will help you look polished and give a more flattering look, because by doing this the top will not overwhelm figure

And these are the main trick I do to amp up my outfits and make me look stylish instantly.

Do you already do any of these tricks? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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