The Perfect Outfit Formula


Hii my beauties πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹!!

It’s Fashion Friday again 😍!

Today I will share with you guys THE formula to the perfect outfit. I know the struggle to set up a perfect look, sometimes even I don’t know what to wear and it gets frustrating.



I’ve been researching for a universal way (formula) to plan the perfect outfit, and haven’t got the best results. Then I tried to come up with something of my own, that works for (almost, if not) every outfit, and I’ve noticed that, even involuntarily, I have been following this formula:

A Basic Piece + An Exciting Piece + A Completing Piece + Accessories
= Perfect Outfit Every Time

Now I will be defining what exactly each piece is.

A BASIC PIECE is a neutral/staple clothing piece, such as white shirt, t-shirt, jeans, black pants, classic shoe, and pieces as such.




An EXCITING PIECE is the eye-catching item, such as pieces with details and/or materials that stand out (patterns, embroidery work, ruffles …). It can be that ripped jeans, a ruffled top, a sequin top or bottom, statement shoes, and so on.

A COMPLETING PIECE are pieces such as jackets, belts, hats.

And ACCESSORIES are bags and jewelry.

And that is how you achieve the perfect outfit every single time!


Hope this formula was helpful to you guys. Have you ever tried planning your outfits using this formula? Do let me know in the comment section below.

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