The Shoe for You


Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

It’s Fashion Friday again 😀!

Today’s post is a fashion tip, and it’s about SHOES!! I mean, who doesn’t love shoes, right?! I sure do!

I know the love-hate relationship we have with heels, I mean they are certainly not the most comfortable shoe type out there but we kinda need them (a lot!). Wearing them make us feel really good.

Today, I will share with you guys a specific type of shoe that is the most universally flattering, not just for short people but to everyone.

So, after lots of research …. I have learned that there is a specific type of shoe that can help us look taller, YES TALLER!!! They actually lengthen and slim down the silhouette and the magical shoes that do that are the POINTED TOE ones.


This specific shoe type is known to help elongate the silhouette and help us look leaner.

So ladies, do invest in good pointed toes, plus they pair well with EVERYTHING and look super chique and classy.

Nowadays you can find these shoes in any heel height and color. There are many options!


Let’s get shopping ladies!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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8 thoughts on “The Shoe for You

  1. If I may, another add value to this kind of shoes is that ankles can look slimmer and sexier.
    If you’re a shoe-lover like me willing to keep yourself posted on footwear (trends, events, business, designers, news, etc.) check my blog out!

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