Current Handbag Trend


Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

And welcome to Fashion Fridays! From now on, every Friday will be all about Fashion, trends, tips and tricks on how to get most of what you’ve got!

So, for this Friday, we will talk about the current handbag trend.

Many of us have noticed that lately a specific type of handbag has been showing up everywhere, and it is the Small/Micro/Nano handbag.

All the designers are bringing it back and we are loving it!


We have seen everyone rocking it from celebs like Kim KW, to influencers like Claire Chouquette, Lydia Elise and to the regular girl. Everyone can’t seem to get enough of this trend, and neither can I.

Few years back it was all about the big/extra-large handbags, and again we have come back to the small ones. But this time with colorful options.

I really like the small one and not because it is on trend right now, but because it actually looks very pretty.

And no, you don’t need to go for all those expensive designers to be a part of this trend. You can find really good options in shops such as HnM, Zara and Aldo. That’s the thing about fashion, you don’t need to own the most expensive designer handbag, the recent launch, it’s about what you make out of what you’ve got.

How do you feel about this trend?


Do let me know in the comment section below!

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16 thoughts on “Current Handbag Trend

  1. The micro bag seems a little odd to me. How are you supposed to carry a bag that you can’t even fit your phone into? Haha but I can appreciate the trend. They have some really cute ones at Target too! xx.

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