Recipe | Chicken & Potato Lasagna

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Hii my beauties 💋 💋 !!

Today’s post is a recipe one. I saw this one on Facebook few weeks back and I had to try it. I changed the filling, just because I like this way better than the original recipe. It’s a different take on the regular lasagna, and since I am a lasagna fan I couldn’t resist making this!

So let’s get into it!

To make it you will need:

  1. For the White Sauce:
    1. 2 tbsp of butter
    2. 3 tbsp of flour
    3. 1lt of milk
    4. A dash of nutmeg
    5. Salt to taste


  1. For the Filling (you can add any veggies you like):
    1. 2 tbsp of oil
    2. 1 chopped onion
    3. 1 tbsp of ground garlic
    4. 3 grated tomatoes
    5. 1 chopped carrot
    6. 1 cup of corn
    7. Half a cup of sliced mushrooms
    8. 2 cups of shredded chicken
    9. Salt to taste


  1. Layering:
    1. 3 boiled potatoes and cut in sliced
    2. 3 cups of grated mozzarella cheese



How to:

You start by making the white sauce in one pan, the filling in another and boiling the potatoes in another pan.

White Sauce:

  1. First of all, melt the butter in the pan.
  2. Once it’s melted add the flower and keep stirring until the flour is a bit fried.
  3. Add the milk slowly, and keep stirring while adding it.
  4. Once the milk is in the pan, add the nutmeg and the salt.
  5. Let it boil until it thickens, keep mixing so it doesn’t burn.




  1. Start by heating the oil in the pan.
  2. Add the onions and garlic and let it fry until it gets a bit brown.
  3. Add the tomato and let it cook for a bit, then add the salt.
  4. Once it’s well cooked add the veggies and the chicken and let it cook until the oil separates.


When the filling and the white sauce is done start by LAYERING:


  1. Start by adding a thin layer of cheese and then a thin layer of white sauce.
  2. Then layer the sliced potatoes.
  3. After that add a layer of the filling.
  4. Then again, a layer of cheese, white sauce, potatoes, filling.
  5. And then you add a layer of potatoes, white sauce and cheese on top.
  6. Let it cook in the oven for about 30min, until the cheese on top gets a bit brown.


And it’s DONE!



I loved how it came out, it’s a different take on the regular lasagna.

I don’t usually share recipes so I am not sure how it’s done, if I forgot to mention something you can ask me in the comment section below.

Hope you liked the recipe, and if you do try it out let me know how you found it.

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