Testing Dupes | BENEFIT Gimme Brow VS ESSENCE Make Me Brow


Hii my beauties πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ !!

I promised this comparison review to Ivanamakeupworld and after testing the Essence one enough amount of time I am ready to share my thoughts on it.

Both of these products are known to be similar and they are used for the same purpose. So, are they dupes??

So, let’s check out!


Packaging and Contents:

The Benefit one can be found in Sephora stores and website, Benefitcosmetics.com, and every other place that sells Benefit products and it’s sold for $24. The Essence one can be found in drugstores that carry the brand and it’s sold for about ZAR 55 ($2.99, that’s a hugeee price difference!!!!).

The Benefit and the Essence one come in three shades, the Benefit one comes in Light, Medium and Deep and the Essence one Blondy Brows, Browny Brows and Soft Browny Brows.

The Benefit one has 3.0 gr/ 0.1 oz of product and the Essence one has 3.68 gr/ 0.13 oz.

Both come in plastic packaging, Benefit one is silver and the Essence one is brown with a black lid. Both of them come with similar wants, but the Essence one is slightly bigger than the Benefit one, as you can see below.



Both of them have a mousy consistency, but the Essence one feels a bit more drying than the Benefit one, and it also dries down faster. You can feel that the Essence one pulls the brow hairs a bit more, but nothing that will bother you.

Both of them have a matte finish and tiny fibers that helps the brow look fuller.

They have medium yet buildable coverage and it is definitely long lasting and transfer proof.



So, are they dupes?

These two products are definite dupes, the only difference that I can spot is that one is more drying than the other, if you don’t mind that, you should go for the Essence one. If you do mind, go for the Benefit one.


I hope you enjoyed this review!

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below, which other products you want me to test out next?

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12 thoughts on “Testing Dupes | BENEFIT Gimme Brow VS ESSENCE Make Me Brow

  1. Great comparison dear. I think that Essence one for the price is absolutely amazing quality. I use it every single day for my brows, it gives natural effect which I like. Great post. xx

    Liked by 1 person

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