Makeup Tip of the Month | April


Hii my beauties πŸ’‹ πŸ’‹ !!

It’s time for tip of the month again 😍.

This month’s tip is something that I have been asked about many times. And I completely understand why, when I started with makeup I also had this doubt, and it was very hard for me to find an answer for this. Now not that I do have the answer for this I want to share it with you guys.

So, this month the tip is:

How to choose the perfect blush shade according to the makeup you are wearing

There are two main aspects you should consider, which are:

  • The blush shade should always match the lipstick shade. This will make it look more natural and cohesive.
  • The blush shade should be in the same tone as eyeshadow. By that I mean, if the eye look is cool toned the blush should be cool toned, if the eye look is warm toned the blush should be warm toned. Or if you cannot decide just go with a blush with neutral undertone.


With these tricks your makeup will look more cohesive and for everything will match with each other.

But I must also say that makeup has NO RULES, you can do whatever you please and makes you feel better. Because makeup is an art, and it expresses who you are. If you want to wear a red blush and purple lipstick you can do that as well. I know by saying this I am completely overruling my post but those are not rules those are just suggestions, you do not need to follow them.


Hope you enjoyed this post and helped you with the whole blush shade choosing dilemma.

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