Ways to be more Organized and Productive


Hii my beauties 💋   !!

Today I will share with you guys my tips on how to be more organized and productive. I am super OCD when it comes to organization, everything needs to be planned, in it’s place and on time. And if it’s not … I would rather not say what happens (laughs)!

But I think it’s not just to satisfy my OCDness, but because it feels good to be organized and prepared for everything, at least it think so, and it helps me be more productive.

And there are some tips and tricks that keep me going on, and on this post I will share them with you, so it can help you stay organized and have everything on track.

First things first, use a planner (Check out my planner!!!! I cannot reinforce this enough, using a planner will help you keep track of everything that needs to be done, how, when and where. Using a planner changed my life, took a huge load off my head. It’s a place where you can write everything down so you don’t forget to do important things when in a rush.


Make schedules, deadlines and set goals for each day. This will help you get, those not so fun, tasks done. And it’s motivational, and if you please to, you can set rewards for every task. This system works really well.

Choose a day to plan for the upcoming week. This one helps me out a lot, by planning ahead I can equally distribute tasks along the week so I don’t have very busy days and some non-busy days, and to do everything that has to be done. Like my blog pictures, I like to take them on the weekend because I know I won’t be able to take them during the week.

Organize your surroundings, as in your work space, kitchen, office desk, bedroom, any other space that you spend your time at. Having your surroundings organized will make you feel motivated to do more and better and will give you some peace of mind. Because of my organization OCD you will always find me doing this.


Ok, this one is a tricky one, it is to declutter regularly and always give everything a home. It is important to find some time in the schedule to organize things and put them in their proper places so it’s easily findable and storable.

And of course set a time to wake up and sleep so you can be well rested and with energy for the next day. This is very important. If you get enough rest you will definitely feel motivated to get things done.


But most important of all, doing all this will require
from your side. You need to make
this happen for yourself.

So, these are all of my tips and tricks.

Did you find them helpful? Do let me know.

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