Review | Kylie Lip Kit – Love Bite, Spice and Dirty Peach ๐Ÿ’„

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Hii my beauties ๐Ÿ’‹ ๐Ÿ’‹ ย !!

Today I will reviewing the Kylie Lip Kits, specifically the shades Love Bite, Spice and Dirty Peach.

Every make-up junkie knows the struggle of getting these puppies! These are always sold out and damn expensive. But I managed to get my hands on them so I could share my thoughts on them, and tell you if they are worth the hassle of getting or not.

Letโ€™s get to the review!!

Where can you find it!

Itโ€™s officially sold on her website and her pop up stores in California and soon in New York, for 29$, but you can also buy in singles, the liquid lip for 17$ and the lip liner for 14$. Or you can find at some make-up retailers, but you should always make sure if itโ€™s the real deal, many people like to sell fakes.


For my Moz readers, I bought mine at the MakeupManiaMoz Store (Facebook | Instagram), there you can definitely find originals and in different shades, but they sell out really fast so keep an eye for when she gets her stock.

Description of the shades.

Love bite is a gorgeous plummy, cool tone brown, and on the side itโ€™s described as a rich plum brown. This shade is really beautiful!

img_9883( Kylie Lip Kit – Love Bite )

Dirty Peach is a warm toned peach, and on the side itโ€™s described as a mid-tone yellow peach.


Spice is a magenta toned dark purple, and on the side itโ€™s described as a raspberry plum.

img_9882( Kylie Lip Kit – Spice )

The packaging.

The lip kit (liquid lipstick and a lip liner) comes in a cardboard box, as you can see below.


So, the product itself contains 1 gr/0.03 oz of product in the liquid lip and lip liner and it comes in a plastic tube like bottle with a doe foot applicator. And it has those melting drops like design on the bottle.

The formula.

The liquid lipstick has a matte finish, it has a medium consistency but itโ€™s really opaque (even without the lip liner), a smooth and even application and itโ€™s quite comfortable on the lips, for a liquid lipstick. It has medium to full coverage and itโ€™s transfer proof.

img_9874( Kylie Lip Kit – Spice )


img_9873( Kylie Lip Kit – Love Bite )

Love Bite is not streaky but Spice and Dirty Peach are.

Many of us are curious about the scent (so was I), it has a sweet vanilla and amarula (yes, the drink!) kind of scent.

It does last after drinking and eating and it fades from inside out. It lasts about 6hrs, if eating and drinking, if not it will last longer. It will last longer if applied with the lip liner.

I know for sure that all the shades are Vegan (except Candy K) and Cruelty-Free.


Final Thoughts!!

Overall I really liked Love Bite, the formula is really good. It lasts long, the consistency, everything about it I really like. Actually itโ€™s in my top 3 formulas for liquid lipstick. I would definitely recommend this shade, Spice is okai andย Dirty Peach I didn’t like as much so much, but I loved all liners that came with the liquid lipsticks.

Hope this review was helpful to you guys.

Have you tried any Lip Kit? Which one is your fav?


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