Tips | Oily Skin 😅

Hii my beauties 💋 💋  !!!

Today’s post is especially for my oily skinned readers!! Will share some tips and tricks on how to manage the oily skin.

I know the struggle to keep the face looking and feeling fresh and matte all day long, especially for those days in which we wear make-up. But along the I’ve learned some simple tricks to overcome this.

But first thing that we should know is why the skin is producing extra oil.

So what happens is that the skin, when it’s not moisturized, sends a ‘message’ to your system claiming that the skin is in need of oil, so the system over produces oil just to make sure it’s nourished. So it’s basically a system imbalance and it can be hereditary or caused by hormonal imbalance.

One of the main things you should do is use oil based skincare products just so your skin knows that it’s nourished and doesn’t overproduce the oil.

These are some other steps you should add to your beauty routine in order to keep you fresh and matte for longer:

  1. Always deep cleanse your skin, because it will remove the dirt and oil residue that is left on the skin, and doing that will reduce the chances of occurring breakouts and acne.
  1. Always go for a shine control moisturizer in order to stay matte for longer.
  1. Using a primer (especially an oil control primer) and setting the primer will work as double barrier for the make-up, and will delay the process of the oil peeking through the make-up.



  1. Go for a matte foundation. I could not reinforce this enough. These foundations will be your best friend! Because matte foundations will often help absorve the oil and reduce shine, making the skin looking dryer.



  1. You should always, always set your foundation!! Setting the foundation will not only prevent the oil from passing through the foundation but it will also prevent the foundation from moving around.


Hope these tips were helpful to you guys!

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8 thoughts on “Tips | Oily Skin 😅

  1. Wow, I did not know half of this. I’m in my 30’s & have always struggled with problem skin. Night moisturiser is lethal but a light daytime one works fine.
    I’m taking on board all your tips & I’ll be sharing them with my daughter. Thanks

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