My Experience | Long Instagram Nails💅

Hii my beauties 💋 💋  !!

Today I will be sharing my experience having long beautiful Instagram nails!!

As you might have seen on my snapchat and Instagram stories (social media links below), about a week ago I’ve had my nails done and went for something out of my comfort zone and got these long, sexy Instagram nails.

I got them done at The Mani Pedi Spa (click here to check their work), they have done a wonderful job and I totally recommend their services. The nails look beautiful. The type of nails I got done are the gel ones. It’s a two hour long process to get them applied and colored and everything. And the end result is truly beautiful.


So the questions I frequently get asked are, how they feel and if they are comfortable.

Being honest, they are not comfortable at all. Texting, typing on the computer, writing and other day-to-day tasks get harder to complete. Don’t get me wrong, these nails are beautiful and love every bit of it, but they just difficult my everyday tasks.

It has been a bit over a week now, I’ve learned to adjust a bit. And could do it for more 1 or 2 weeks, but I wouldn’t see myself doing so for longer than that.

So, would I ever get them done again? Probably not so soon.


I love the aesthetic of it, but not the functionality. I’m not the one who would sacrifice comfort over fashion, and probably that’s why I didn’t like them as much. But it was a fun and different experience. We should always try going out of our comfort zone and try different and new things.

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15 thoughts on “My Experience | Long Instagram Nails💅

  1. I’ve had acrylics for over a year and they do end up becoming normal. I can do everything and don’t even notice them anymore. Having said that, it costs me $65 every two weeks so it’s not cheap either.

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  2. Makes complete sense. I have naturally long nails and getting anything done can be such a hassle. I’m always wondering I’m up going to break a nail :/ The color looks great though 🙂

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