Beautiful = BE – YOU – TILL – FULL ❤



Hii my beauties !

Let’s start this week with some food for thought, some motivation to get your day/week by.

We all see society defining the standards for beauty, may it be by size, by color, by dressing style, by applying make-up a certain way and so on. Today I want you to question those, almost impossible to follow, standards. Who defines those standards? Why do we have to follow those particular standards?

We get intimidated by the rules and the people who want us to follow the rules and end up giving up to the peer pressure of looking perfect, and never stop to think that I AM ENOUGH, I am perfect. We don’t need validation. We need inner peace.

We don’t need to be a certain skin shade, a certain body size to be beautiful, we need to be happy and healthy to be beautiful.

Beauty resides in simplicity and diversity and not in everybody looking the same way, like robots.

It’s time to celebrate who we are. Because we are good enough.

There is nothing wrong with applying make-up every day, with wanting to lose weight, with wanting to dress up a certain way, but only if done for the right reasons and not to want to be like someone else.

Be you, because beautiful = BE – YOU – TILL – FULL ❤ .

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