Most Common Mascara Mistakes ❌

Hii my beauties !!!

Mascara!!! We all love the effect it provides, but sometimes, unknowingly, we make mistakes while applying it.

Today I will share with you guys some of the most common mascara mistakes, that most of us make, and why we should stop making them.

Here are my top six ones:

1.Not curling lashes before applying mascara, many of us do this. I see many people curling their eyelashes after applying mascara. You should always curl your lashes before applying the mascara, it gives the lashes an extra lift. And if you curl after you applied the mascara it will just ruin the mascara.




2. Pumping the mascara!! I cannot reinforce this enough. This is a major no no! Pumping the mascara will just get air in the bottle and it will dry the mascara out really fast, and reduce its lifespan.




3.Not wiping the extra product off. You should always wipe the extra product off when opening the mascara tube, otherwise if you apply it without wiping it will just clump your lashes up, and it will look horrible.




4.Applying the mascara just to tips. Mascara should be applied from the roots to the tips, and not just on the tips. If you do so, the lashes will look uneven.


5.Not brushing when they start to clump up. OMG yes!! I see many people that don’t brush the lashes when they start to clump up, it will only look like you have few lashes and very thick ones at that. No no no! Just brush them.


6.Not considering the expiration dates. I cannot reinforce this one enough either. Mascaras only last upto 3 months, after that it will only generate bacteria and can possibly cause an eye infection. Once the air gets in the mascara is considered opened. So please please and please just 3 months! Toss it out after that.



Hope this post was helpful to you guys, if you have any questions just leave them in the comment section below, and I will answer them all.

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