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Hii my beauties !!

On today’s post I will be reviewing the Anastacia Beverly Hills (ABH) Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette. All of us have seen this palette at some point by now, so it doesn’t need introduction! 😜

We all know Anastacia makes great products [ spoiler alert !! ] and this is one of them too 😍😍 !

The colors in this eyeshadow palette are described as a modern take on the renaissance colors. This pallet is part of the permanent ABH collection, this is the only eyeshadow palette that is actually permanent to the brand.

It is sold in Sephora stores for $42 (in the USA), and you can also find with some retailer in the UK for around ₤50, that’s how I got my hands into mine.

The palette

This palette is made with very sturdy cardboard packaging covered with a pink velvety material. It has 14 beautiful warm tones, with finishes such as ultra-matte, satin and metallic/shimmer. Each eyeshadow contains about 0.02 oz of product, so the whole palette has 0.28 oz of product.


It has 11 Ultra-Mattes (Tempera, Golden Ochre, Buon Fresco, Love Letter, Cyprus Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Red Ochre, Venetian Red (With a hint of shimmer), Warm Taupe, Realgar) 1 Satin (Antique Bronze), 2 Metallic/Shimmer (Vermeer, Primavera) shades and a double ended eyeshadow brush, with a blending side and a shader side.


First Row (Left – Right):

  • Tempera (cream beige);
  • Golden Ochre (earthy yellow);
  • Vermeer (iridescent shell);
  • Buon Fresco (antique lavender/lilac);
  • Antique Bronze (metallic slightly red bronze);
  • Love Letter (raspberry);
  • Cyprus Umber (dark coffee).


Second Row (Left – Right):

  • Raw Sienna (sand brown);
  • Burnt Orange (warm slightly peach orange);
  • Primavera (shimmery gold);
  • Red Ochre (brick red);
  • Venetian Red (crimson);
  • Warm Taupe (earthy gray);
  • Realgar (deep warm orange).



Formulation and Application

All these eyeshadows are formulated without Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates. They are also cruelty free. You can check the ingredients here

The formulation of these eyeshadows is definitely different from the ones that come in a pan.

All the eyeshadows are very soft, light and creamy to the touch, they swatch perfectly and all the colors are definitely pigmented. The lightest touch will pick up more than enough product, which sometimes can be tricky for darker color.


When you apply the brush to the pan, you will get some kick back, but that is normal with creamy and fine powder, it doesn’t affect the application at all.

The application is also easy. While blending them out, I’ve noticed that they are really easy to blend and they don’t blend into each other, as in, they don’t disappear once you start blending few colors into each other, which is great!


The eyeshadow doesn’t cling to the dry patches and is very comfortable to wear.

Final thoughts

This palette is a definite must, it’s nothing like the other eyeshadow palettes in the market. It’s a different concept and formulation. You will not regret purchasing this one 👍👍👍.


I think I covered all the aspects of it, if you have any questions you can leave them down below, in the comment section, and I will make sure to answer it!

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