A sit and chat with Hanifa Gulam (Make-up by Hanifa) 👭

Hii my beauties 😀 !!

Today’s post is an interview to a professional make-up artist, practicing here in Maputo, Mozambique called Hanifa Gulam (Make-up by Hanifa). I had the pleasure of being a part of her make-up team during last year’s Mozambique Fashion Week, she is truly an amazing person and an even better make-up artist.

So I decided to interview her, so you guys could get to know her and what it is like to be a make-up artist here in Mozambique.

Here are the questions and answers:

  1. What made you become a make-up artist?

My hidden passion for make-up has lead me to become a makeup artist. And it feels great enhancing people’s image to suit their mood or moment.

  1. When did you start doing make-up professionally?

I officially started in February 2014, but I caught the make-up bug years back and used to do make-up on friends purely for the love of it 😋


  1. Explain to me what is make-up through your eyes.

It’s some form of love.
It’s all about looking and feeling your best with the right kind of make-up.
And I think it’s an Art which expresses a creative edge of a make-up artist.

  1. How has make-up impacted your life?

Well, one of the major things that I had to, was leave my job and dedicate a lot of my time as a make-up artist. It has made me realize how fun it gets to control a woman’s appearance and personal style.

Another major achievement was the opportunity to be the lead make-up artist for one of the biggest fashion event, which was Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW) in 2015 and while working in this field I got to meet some amazing people both clients and photographers.


  1. What is your favorite make-up items and brands?

My favorite items have definitely got to be mascara and pitch black eye pencil. And my favorite brands are Kryolan, MAC and The Body Shop (because I believe that nurturing the skin is essential to have your make-up sit beautifully).

  1. What are the struggles of being a make-up artist in Mozambique?

The struggles that I’ve been facing is the lack of make-up stores, and this can affect us make-up artists because we have to constantly order make-up from abroad, which can get pricey, and we don’t get to try out the newbies or different products that are out in the market that often.

  1. What would you like to see change in the make-up and beauty blogging and vlogging industry in Mozambique?

I guess it would be great if we saw people getting the chance to participate more often and not to being hesitant of requesting things they want to know about.


  1. Some words of wisdom for the upcoming make-up artist.

What you do has to be fascinating, passionate, with a lot of patience to deal with different personalities.

  1. If you would like to add something else…

Just some advice to all the women out there: It’s extremely important to invest on good skin care products and have a regular skin care regime to maintain healthy skin.


Now you know a bit more about Hanifa and what it is like to be a make-up artist here in Mozambique 😀

Hope you enjoyed this post 😀

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Have a great day!
See you Thursday !!


– Dii –



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