Make-up Tips | Medium Tan to Dark Skin Tones

Hii my beauties !!

How has you week gone by far? For me it’s going by soo slowww, really need the weekend to come, like ASAP !!!!

Today I’m showing some love to my darker skinned girls! I’ve been asked for so long to do a post on make-up tips for my darker skinned tones ladies. I did my research and can finally talk about it!!

So let’s get to it!

  • Know your undertone: Before anything it is crucial to know your undertone (let me know if you want me to write a post on how to know your undertone) it will help you find a foundation that matches you better. But usually it’s WARM TONE for medium to dark skin.


  • Color Correcting: Any type of skin can use color correctting, but on darker skin tones, sometimes, there are lots of purple spots and discoloration especially on the under eyes area. So, you should always consider using an orange corrector just to cancel out those purple tones. I recommend the LA Girl HD PRO Concealer in the shade Orange, it’s cheap and effective.GC990_1


  • Foundation application: For a flawless foundation application you should consider using two different colors of foundation, a lighter color on the center of the face and darker on the outer part of the face. Using two shades will help bring some dimension to the face and give it a bit more realistic look (just don’t go too overboard with the shades 😛 ). But match well the shades to your skin and you need to blend the transition zone very well so it looks as seamless as possible.



  • Blush: For a more ‘natural’ look, you should always always and always go for darker blushes, like deep pinks and brick colors, they will flatter you the most (Like the two that are on the left side, don’t go for the ones that are on the right side).



  • Eyeshadow Application: For a better eyeshadow you should consider using an eyeshadow primer with a nude base, so you can have more of a color payoff and you should always go for eyeshadows that are high in pigmentation.


  • Brows: I’ve seen this sooo many times!! NEVER EVER EVER do your brows all black!! It looks totally fake and just weird. Consider using products with two different shades, so you can give it a more gradient look, such as the Anastacia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo or if you want to go cheaper go for the Bh Cosmetics’ Flawless Brow Trio.



  • Lips: One thing you should stay away from are those super duper pale nude colors, like the one that is on the left side, they will look really bad on darker skin tones. If you want to go for nudes, choose shades that are closer to your skin tone, like the one that is on the right side. But the best colors for for dark skin tones are deep reds, marrons/wines, plums, they flatter dark skin the most.



So from now on there should be no mistakes from your part 😀

Hope this post was helpful to you guys 😀

Let me know if you have any questions on this topic, and I will try to answer them for you 😀

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Have a great day!
See you Sunday !!


– Dii –

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