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Today I will be sharing you guys a bit about the importance of lining and restoring old pieces, such as purses, shoes, clothes, or anything you wish.

This post is in collaboration with Amorambique. This company specializes in creating garments, restoring old pieces, lining pieces and all that using the CAPULANA fabric. This is an awesome company that was created few years back and it is distinguished by their unique way of creating and restoring pieces.


CAPULANA: is the name given, in Mozambique, to a cloth that is traditionally worn by women, like a wrap up skirt around their waist or their torso and sometimes to cover their
head as well. The richness of colors and patterns
constitutes a characteristic
of the
cultural wealth
of the


Sometimes our favorite pieces get used up or even ruined, and it breaks our heart to see them go.

But by restoring them you can give life back to those pieces and at the same time give them a different look, and the best part is that it’s eco-friendly because you end up recycling your old pieces.

And guess what it ends up being cheaper than buying new items, that’s for sure!!
You do it at home, by yourself, just need to get some sewing supplies and some accessories. Or you can approach Amorambique and they will help you restore your items and will add their signature traditional Mozambican touch to your pieces.

So you should definitely consider the option of restoring or lining your items. I will show you some examples of how it looks before and after.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And if you do end up restoring and/or lining your items with Amorambique, don’t forget to use my coupon code that will give you 5% off the entire purchase, use the code DII&AMORAMBIQUE on checkout to access your discount 😀

Hope this post was helpful for you guys.

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P.S. You can contact Amorambique by:

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