Overstressed your skin? Time to DE-STRESS it!

Hii my beauties !!!

How have you guys been?

Today I will talk about the cares you need to take with the skin after you go through an intense makeup wearing period.

As you guys know, recently I attended my uncle’s wedding, and if you guys don’t know by now, you should know that indian weddings go for a week, if not a bit more than that. YESS A WEEK!! Which means it’s full face of make-up every single day, for a week!!! And you know what that does to the skin, wearing a full face of make-up for long days and many days in a row can damage the skin, create breakouts and dark under eyes. Basically your skin will turn on you.

So after you come from such an event you should focus on pampering your skin ASAP!!

I found the magic formula to recover my skin and I will share with you guys, and maybe it will help you guys as well.

Soo, you should:

  • Remove all the blackheads on your nose and unclog the pores by exfoliating your face;
  • After that, when your pores are open do a deep cleansing mask so you can remove all the dirt that penetrated your skin when wearing all that make-up;
  • Stay true to the day and night face washing specially for the next few days;
  • Always do an oil treatment for few nights just to renew skin’s moisture;
  • And of course you will always need to do spot treatment, tea tree oil is really good for that.
(These are my go to items for deep cleaning my skin –  The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask, Exfoliator and Oil for Spot Treatment )

But while all that intense make-up application is going on, you should also:

  • Do masks (it can be a sheet one too) every 2 to 3 days during that period, just so it gets its moisture back and get cleaned deeply (so it reduces the chances of breakouts);
  • Never forget to wash your face before and after applying make-up;
  • Always apply a thick layer of lotion before applying make-up so it doesn’t penetrate as much into the skin.
(LOVEEEE these sheet masks)

I did all of this during the wedding season so my skin didn’t get irritated nor broke out after the wedding. And this is not just for those times, if you incorporate these tips in your everyday life your skin will definitely thank you for that!

So don’t forget to pamper your skin!

Hope these tips were helpful to you guys!

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Have a great day!
See you Sunday !!


– Dii –

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