Feeling lazy? Try these beauty HACKS!

Hii my beautiess !!!

So sorry I couldn’t post the rest of last week, I was so tired from my recent trip and I was totally uninspired, so I preferred not to post, because I didn’t want to share a post that wasn’t good enough. I am soo sooo sorry!! But now back to regular posting schedual. I promise!!

Today I bring you guys some hacks for when we are feeling extra lazy! This happens to all of us! Don’t even try to deny it :-P!

So I will share with you some hacks that will help us go through those days with minimum effort and maximum results :-D.

Let’s get to it!!

  1. There are always those days when we don’t feel like doing a full face of make-up. I have lots of those days!!! Sooo just filling in your brows will help you look more put together. I don’t know what it is, but just doing the brows makes a hugeee difference.
  1. If you applying mascara on a hurry, and don’t want to risk messing your eyeshadow just take a card, it can be a business one or any and place it behind your eyelashes for a care free application.




  1. To get the most out of your mascara you have to warm it up a bit, so in order to save time you can stick the mascara tube in your bra while doing your make-up to warm it up.
  1. Another one with mascara!! If you are running out of eyeliner or just lazy to get one that is in another place you can double duty your mascara as an eyeliner. It works !




  1. If you are out and don’t have a blush with you or if you just don’t want to be bothered to get one you can use a lipstick as cream blush and no one will be able to tell that you are wearing lipstick on your cheeks.



  1. Now for your hair!! If you want to get some easy but luscious curls to your hair, just tie it into a pony tail and curl the ends. You will save time and your hair will look amazing.
  1. To tame those baby hairs just apply some hairspray on a toothbrush and comb those baby hairs. And you won’t have to deal with those annoying flyaways.



  1. And you ca do the same with bobby pins! By applying some hairspray onto it will help hold your hairstyle for longer and you won’t have to keep touching up your hair.


Hope these tips were helpful to your guys!!!

You should definitely try them for those days when you are feeling extra lazy!

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Have a great day!
See you Thursday !!


– Dii –

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