Travel Essencials | Make-Up

Hii my beauties !!!

How is your weekend going so far? I’m away from home, but hey travelling always has its up sides 😀 !!

But I know, packing is soooooo hard and annoying, especially make-up packing, you don’t know what to take and how much to take, because we don’t know exactly what will happen during the trip and its hard to prepare for the unknown.

I’m traveling for a family wedding right now, so I thought what better than writing a post on make-up packing tips!

The trick is to:

  • Take the smaller products;
  • Take products that can multi-task;
  • Take samples instead of full sized products, it will save you lots of space;
  • Avoid taking glass bottles as much as you can! Because if you are not careful enough they can break on you and create a mess in your bag;
  • Palettes are a must because they provide options, you can get lots looks;
  • The key is to take products that you are absolutely suree that will work for you, that will show well on pictures, because you know you will take many pics. Just play safe !!!!


Just to help you a bit more, here is a checklist for you when packing your face make-up items:

  1. Primer, that is will work for you even thought your skin becomes a bit more dry or oily.
  2. Foundation
  3. Concealer
  4. Setting powder, that won’t give you flashback.
  5. Contour
  6. Blush
  7. Highlighter, which will flatter your skin and not emphasis texture.
  8. Setting spray
  9. Lipsticks in stick or liquid form, a nude, pink, red and maroon lipstick and matching lip liners.


For the EYES you should always have to take:

  1. Primer, or if you take a full coverage concealer you can also wear it as a primer too.
  2. Brows, you should have gel or wax to set the hair and brow powder/pencil to fill your brows in.
  3. Eyeliner, a liquid or gel, and of course a pencil one so you can use in your water and tight line in a nude and black colors
  4. Mascara
  5. Falsies, it’s important to have some options a natural, medium and a super dramatic (just in case :-P) and adhesive of course.


For the eyeshadows it’s important that you take a neutral palette and a palette with pop of colors that is depending on where you are planning to go. Right now I am packing for a wedding trip so I will need both. But if you are planning to go somewhere just for holidays and to relax, you should consider and a neutral palette but with dark colors as well, I would recommend the Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye palette, it’s perfect for that.


I hope my tips were helpful to you guys, I will do a part two on how to pack makeup brushes as well, on my next post, on Tuesday. Stay tunned 😀

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Have a great day!
See you Tuesday !!


– Dii –

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