How incorporate OILS in your Beauty Routine

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Happy Sunday!!!

How is your weekend going? The weekend is almost over 😦 !! It’s just going by sooo fast!

Today I will write about ways to incorporate oils in your beauty routine.

Lately oils have been a natural alternative for chemically processed beauty items. Many of us are allergic to some of the ingredients that come in beauty products so switching it up for a more natural alternative will not only nourish your skin and hair but also avoid chemicals to enter your body.

I know, I know !! For many of us the first thing that comes to mind when we thinking about oils is grease! Right? But let me tell you, oils can be very versatile. There are oils for each and every skin type, for oily, dry, combination and even for balanced skin.

Trust me, I’ve got the solution for you guys 😀 !

First of all it’s important to know what is your skin type!

  • If your skin feels oily through the day, and you constantly feel the need to wash or bloat your face, you skin is OILY and you should use coconut oil, plum oil, rosehip seeds oil, sesame oils, grapeseed oil and jojoba oil;
  • If you feel the constant need to put moisturizer on, and it’s always tight, then your skin is DRY and you should use apricot kernel, olive oil, pomegranate seed, sesame oils, shea butter, castor oil and almond oil;
  • If you don’t feel the need to do anything midday and it’s completely fine, then your skin is BALANCED and you should use sesame seed oil and almond oil;
  • If parts of your face are oily and other parts are normal/dry, then your skin is COMBINATION and you can use any of the above.


Now that we have all the information part out of the way let’s get to the main subject!

How can we incorporate oils in our beauty routines?

We can use oils to:

  • Remove Make-up: We know how harsh those make-up removers are, and how it leaves our skin afterwards. And the prices!! OMG!! It gets expensive as well. You could go with a homemade, inexpensive and chemical free make-up remover by mixing together 1 part of castor oil, 1 part olive oil and 1 part sunflower oil, and just gently rubbing it over the make-up, and it will come out easily.
  • Cleanse: The same works for cleansers. If your spread 1 tbsp. jojoba oil all over your face and afterwards you wipe it off with a hot washcloth your skin will be cleansed and it won’t strip the face of its natural oils.
  • Exfoliate: With just 1 cup sweet almond oil with 1 cup sugar or salt and few drops of essential oil, you can get a chemical free homemade exfoliator for your whole body.


  • Condition: We all know how much conditioning our hair needs and the natural the ingredients are the better. There is no better alternative than coconut and olive oil for our hair!! You should, at least once every two weeks put some coconut oil or warm olive oil into the hair and let it soak in overnight and wash it the next morning. You will notice how smooth and full of shine and body your hair will look!
  • Moisturize: And of course moisturizing is as important!
    • For the face: you can take a small amount of coconut oil every morning and apply it to your face. Don’t worry about it looking greasy! Your skin will absorve it in few minutes.
    • For the body: you can apply almond oil or even softened cocoa or shea butter all over your body after a shower. And it will look nourished throughout the day.




Soo let’s get switching to this natural and chemical free alternative!!!

Hope this post was helpful to you guys 😀

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Have a great day!
See you Tuesday !!


– Dii –

2 thoughts on “How incorporate OILS in your Beauty Routine

  1. I love oils! I always add a splash of baby oil to my bathwater. It makes a major difference to my skin.

    I’d like to try the almond oil / sugar scrub. I usually use store-bought scrubs, but I think I’ll try a home-made scrub!

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