How can a MASSAGE help you feel better?


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Today it’s all about massages!!! Its benefits, type of massage appropriate for your needs. And if you don’t get massages regularly, you should definitely consider this!

And there is a SMALL SURPRISE for you guys, at the end of this post!!!

This post is in collaboration with the Chakras Spa. This Spa is distinguished by the tranquility in the Spa environment, all to give the client a complete moment of relaxation. It’s amazing for those days when you want to just paper yourself and not be surrounded by chaos.



So, first of all, let’s understand the benefits of a massage first. Many of us don’t know this but a massage can help you:

  • Sleep better;
  • Relieve stress and headaches;
  • Boost Immunity;
  • Improve cardiovascular health;
  • Lower the blood pressure;
  • Reduce muscle tension and pain;
  • Relieve soreness;
  • Enhance exercise’s performance;
  • Reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.


Each type of massage responds to each of your needs. So before getting one you should get to know all types of massages and its benefits for you.

These are the commonly known types of massages:

  • Swedish: This is most known massage, the traditional massage. It uses long and gliding movements all over the body. This type of massage is known to help you feel relaxed, to reduce migraines, improve sleeping patterns, boost immune system by increasing the levels of oxygen in blood and also speed muscle recovery.
  • Deep tissue: It is used to reduce chronic muscle pain by massaging with deep finger pressure, focused on the deeper layers of the muscle tissue and tendons. This type of massage is known to speed up muscle recovery.
  • Trigger point: It is focused on knots that are formed in the muscle tissue. It is focused on the problem area. This type of massage is known to ease pain and soreness.
  • Shiatsu: It is a body therapy that uses fingers and the elbow to apply pressure along the body in a rhythmic way. This type of massage is known to improve sleeping patterns.


  • Hot stone: It uses water-heated stones on specific parts of the body. It is more known to apply the stones along the spine. This type of massage is known to induce relaxation.
  • Sports: It is focused on the problem area, on the muscles that are overused and stressed from the excessive pressure. This type of massage is known to speed up muscle’s recovery.
  • Aromatherapy: Uses natural fragrances from flowers, herbs and fruits to enhance the experience of the massage. This type of massage is known to help ease the pain and help manage anxiety and depression.
  • Pre and Post-natal: This a massage that is specifically tailored to the pregnant woman and her needs during her pregnancy. This type of massage is known to help ease the pain, help manage anxiety and depression.
  • Lymphatic: It is focused on improving the movement of the while blood cells also known as lymphatic fluid, that will help you fight any kind of bacteria in your system. This type of massage is known to boost the immune system and help you go through the hormonal changes during PMS.




You can get the traditional Swedish, Relaxing, Lymphatic, Pre and Post Pregnancy and the Sport massages at Chakras Spa. You can also get other types of massages such as Hand and Foot massage, Indian Head massage that will help you relax as well, Anti-Cellulite massage and Post-Opp massage.

Now that you know all about massages and its benefits, can improve your massage experience by:

  • Arriving on time, because the rush of arriving late will distract you and you won’t be able to relax properly during the massage;
  • Not eating before a massage;
  • Telling the masseuse which body parts need more pressure and which body parts you are uncomfortable with them touching;
  • Drinking lots of water after the massage;
  • Not being on your phone while getting a massage.


Now that you know all your massage ABC’s, let’s get some massages!!!

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So get your massage while the cupon lasts!!

Enjoy your massages !!

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P.S. This Spa is located at Av. Dar Es Salaam, no 44, Maputo, Mozambique.

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