Creating a make-up collection under budget!

Hiii my beauties!!

Today I will write about building a make-up collection under budget. We all see those make-up addicts (like us) with a hugeeee collection of make-up, that makes us drool just by looking it. And everytime we see it, we want it more and more and more! I know because I am one of those :-P.

With this post I will help you build a collection but at the same time save your pennies and help you get the most out of it for you!!!

First of all we need to know that we don’t need such an excessive collection, as much as we want it, we don’t need it! And most of the beauty bloggers/vloggers have most of that make-up is sent to them for PR purposes. They don’t buy it all.


First things first, you should never buy a make-up item just because everyone has it or it’s hyped about, I know it’s hard to resist the hype, but trust me your bank account will love you for this.

When you start eyeing a new make-up item research, it is very important to start researching about it, if it’s compatible with your skin tone, how does it swatch, what is the consistency, if it’s worth the money, and so on.

To be honest, even when I want to buy something I research it for many weeks until I finally buy it. Because make-up can get expensive, and if you are under a budget every information is essential, therefor reviews are veryyy important.


You should always keep in mind that quantity is not quality! You should focus your saving on products that can work on you instead of just buying what’s hot, just to feel part of a circle. You don’t need 30 highlighters that you will rarely use, it’s better to buy 2 or 3 highlighters that you will use intensely than having highlighters go bad and having to throw them away even without using because it expired.

You should always start by buying one of each make-up item, after that when you know exactly what you will need next.


Buying fake/replica make-up is not the answer either! I see many people buying replica make-up just for show off. The point here is not having lots but having quality products that actually work for you. I know original products can get expensive but if you choose them right they will work wonders for you and will love them forever. You can read more on fake make-up and how can it harm you in my post. It is not safe for your skin either!

Sooo … do research, research, research !!! Find out what might really work for you in order to avoid spending your money in products that you might not even use!! Following beauty bloggers and reading reviews on products will really help you. Because that is exactly why we are here for you! To help you guide with your purchases 😀

Hope this was helpful to you guys !!

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Have a great day!
See you Thursday !!


-Dii –

7 thoughts on “Creating a make-up collection under budget!

  1. At the moment I have a very small collection, but I do love it. As somebody new to blogging, I find it’s easy to lose track of why you are blogging about makeup etc, you start just wanting more! But as you said, it’s definitely about quality and not quantity! Thanks for the post 🙂

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